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      Great program, easy to use, easy style creating etc.but…

      Are there any plans in creating importfilters for Freehand or illustrator files?

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      Essentially what we’d like to do is to make PDF the native format used throughout, as it’s so widely supported, including by Illustrator, etc (after all, they are all Adobe products). While Mac OS X comes with extensive support for PDF built-in, it’s not a trivial matter to maintain layers and extract individual paths, grouped objects, arbitrary object attributes and so on from a standard PDF. It’s definitely on our (very long) “to do” list however.

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      Hello, my interest is import to Ortelius a vector polygon created with Illustrator but it doesn’t work. When I exported from Illustrator as PDF, Ortelius only read it as an image, I mean like a raster. No path or object can I import from Illustrator and select it to add identifier or value attributes. Is that a temporal limitation?

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      Hi. Your correct in what you’re seeing. In its current version, Ortelius imports PDF files as vector images (scalable) – however they are not editable vectors. You can also drag and drop graphics directly from Illustrator to Ortelius as vector images. We understand the desire to have this supported, and as mentioned, adding *editable* PDF vector import is definitely on our list.

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      It would also be great to be able to export to a format that could be imported into Illustrator.

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      While we’re expanding import/export formats, the existing export formats do offer flexibility when working with existing documents, such as in Illustrator. Of course any exported image format can be opened/imported into Illustrator/Preview/other graphic apps.

      Exported Ortelius PDF drawing files retain their vector quality and can currently be opened directly in Illustrator. Objects can be copied and pasted into existing documents, re-colored, limited editing, etc. From Illy to Ortelius, currently objects from Illustrator can also be dragged-and-dropped directly onto the Ortelius drawing canvas, albeit not currently as editable vector (rather image vector).

Viewing 5 reply threads
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