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      Im trying out Ortelius and found an issue regarding the quality of images imported, mainly the background image map… It’s a big file ~17mb and it has very good quality… The problem is when zooming in Ortelius the image gets very blurry and pixelated… for when I zoom to the same size in Preview image maintains top quality. Any advices??

      Thank you.

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      What type of image is it?

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      Its a .JPEG file… 400dpi 10k by 10k size.

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      A JPEG image consists of pixels, and cannot be magnified indefinitely without becoming pixelated.

      Ortelius will preserve the dpi within the original JPEG as long as you don’t use the “Crop and Resample” command. This currently will force the dpi of an image to 144dpi. This is the only reason I can think why you are seeing a much more pixelated version of the image when you zoom in. Once you have applied that command, the resampled image is saved in the document, so to recover the original 400 dpi image you would need to reimport it. Note that cropping, scaling and repositioning an image within its frame doesn’t change the dpi – only deliberately resampling it will do that. Adjusting the image’s contrast, etc will also keep the original dpi. I would caution however that high resolution images can drag rendering performance down considerably, whereas the resampled image will render pretty quickly. .

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