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      Hello, I’ve recently downloaded the Free Trial Artboard, and I understand that all aspects of the software are not available in the Free Trial…that is fine, but I am having freeze up continually, and am finding it difficult to try anything creative with the constant freeze ups…I’m on a Mac Desktop only 2 years old, have more than enough room and power to use the program….I’m trying a fresh download to see if that helps, but I’m really becoming leery of purchasing if the trial does’t work correctly….I see many accolades posted in the comments which is good, but why then am I having such trouble with the program….

      Carole Coley
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      Hi Carole,
      I understand your concern. Artboard 2 should be very stable for most users (we don’t have any known issue causing repeated crashing). I’ll follow up with you off-line to see if we can trace the source and find a fix.
      Best regards,

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