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    I recently converted to Artboard 2 due to the compatibility problem following the OS update for Mac. I mainly use Artboard for drafting sewing patterns. I really appreciated the ability to draw curves of a known length — a really useful feature for drafting armscyes, sleeveheads, crotch seams, and neck openings!

    Since I converted to Artboard 2, I can’t find the length shown anywhere! All I can find is the height and width of the path, which is no help at all. Can you please help me find that information? It’s a CRITICAL function for me.



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    This is our offline follow up. I’m re-posting here in case it is helpful to others:

    1. Length reporting with Bezier Paths, Freehand Paths, and Irregular Polygon paths will be included in our next update.

    2. The following workaround may hold you over in a pinch until we add this feature. If you apply a dimension line style to your Bezier path, you’ll be able to view on the path length, in the units of the drawing. You can easily change the style back to what you desire when you don’t need to see it (when the length feature is available in the Geometry Tab).

    To do so, search for “Dimension Line – Linear” in the Styles & Clipart palette. Select your path and double-click the style in the palette to apply it (or drag the style onto the path).

    —–from Tom:
    HOORAY! This is perfect, even BETTER for my purposes than displaying the length beside the working area! THANK YOU

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