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      Erik M-H

      The existing scale bar feature is very flexible and convenient for most purposes. In fact, I should specifically mention that the width function and the automatic scaling are remarkably well designed and implemented.

      I’d love to see a couple of further things, though:

      1. The ability to swap the primary and secondary scales.
      2. The ability to set the units for the primary scale (which actually would take care of #1, wouldn’t it?)
      3. More units (or the ability to create our own units) for, say, Astronomical Units, rods, leagues, furlongs, ells, cubits, spans, pyramid inches, &c., &c.

      These enhancements would (among other more important things) support those of us who prefer the Furlong/Firkin/Fortnight (FFF) system to the International System of Units (SI) or the United States customary units.

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