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    G’day all —
    I’m getting an issue with exporting, in which the exported file can have significantly larger dimensions than the object itself.

    In the attached file, the rectangle by itself exports at 295x232px. The arc by itself exports at 104x187px. Group them together, and they should export at about 400x232px. It makes no difference if the arc is inside or outside the rectangle.

    However, these dimensions only eventuate if most of the group object is off the canvas, in the top left corner. Placing the object in the bottom right of the canvas gives export dimensions of 1665x1413px. Other locations give other dimensions.

    Replacing the arc with a line gives the expected dimension. So I think it is something to do with the arc. However, user error is always a possibility…

    So, one workaround is to put the object off the top left corner for export purposes. I can also crop the output file in the destination software. Neither process is very satisfactory.

    Looking forward to your advice on fixing this issue.

    Go well!


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    Hi David,
    Thank you for your report and sample file. We are able to reproduce, and indeed it appears to be an issue confined to the ‘Arc’ shape. We are investigating this issue.

    In the mean time, the process you’ve described for exporting selected objects would be well served by the Artboard ‘Slices’ feature. Using a slice, you can (as needed) set the exact dimenstions of the slice in the Geometry Tab. Slices can also include all visible layers.

    Here is a recent tutorial on using slices (note, references in the tutorial to the pixel grid may not apply to your needs):

    Best regards,


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    G’day Jill —

    Thanks for your helpful response! I shall give the Slices feature a try.

    Go well!


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    G’day Jill & all —

    So, good news! The Slice feature works just as advertised. :-)

    I found that the export includes the graph paper, unless specifically turned invisible. This is not a problem where the content being exported is solid. Conversely, lots of my stuff has a transparent background.

    It’s probably worth noting something to this effect in the tutorial.

    Go well!


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