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      I was wondering about the Edu license.

      First of all, is it also open to faculty members or just registered students?

      Second, I myself am not a professor nor student, however I work at both, a local university and high school. Neither of them own a .edu domain. There’s no problem with the high school as most likely this is not software made for them.


      However I’ve talked with some of my colleagues about this at the university and they seem interested. But, as I said, the university doesn’t have a .edu domain as it is under the country TLD of .mx. There could also be some sort of problem as the students do not get a university inbox under the college domain. This applies to all five campuses across the country, and is the case for several universities here in Mexico.


      So, to the point. I was wondering if there was another way of getting the edu discount without those requirements. I do not mean the big hassle to you guys. But still if it could be an option to consider, it would be great.


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      Hi Alfonso, we do not require a .edu address since there are a wide variety of domains used for academic institutions worldwide. We need to amend the page to make that clear. On the whole we trust you – a professional or personal user who purchases an Ortelius educational license will find their work subtly watermarked with “Ortelius Education Edition” which for those users is unlikely to be acceptable. We are also working on Site licensing which requires a little work in terms of license management, which is why they are not yet available. It’s likely that site licenses will be an attractive option for many academic customers.

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