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      Erik M-H

      OK, I finally figured out how to copy a style: option-drag the old style to a new collection, and then drag it (without an option key) back to the original collection.

      Then I can easily rename it. So far, so good.

      Now: I can’t figure out any way to actually edit my new style. Control-clicking on it gives me no options. The information drawer gives me nothing I can edit (yes, I tried clicking on the pencil). Most of the items in all of the menus are grayed out; none of the enabled items seem relevant. There are no useful gadgets in the Library Manager toolbar, and the little row of buttons in the lower left of the window seems only to give me options for the various collections in the library itself.

      So, now that I have a new library item that’s an exact duplicate of a previous library item, how can I edit it?

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      Hi Erik,

      Ortelius always uses the Style Inspector to edit style (from the Library Manager thumbnail view you can double-click a style to open the Style Inspector, or open it directly from the Toolbar). The style you select in the Library Manager will correspond with the one in the Style Inspector, so you can cycle through your styles and edits. You will probably need to unlock each for editing as you do so (when they are locked to prevent unintended changes)

      In addition to duplicating items within the Library Manager, you can also ‘Clone’ the style in the Style Inspector, edit, then save to your Collections.

      We appreciate your feedback and are in the process of revising some of these workflows. We will definitely take into consideration your experience as we make those improvements.

      Best regards, Jill

Viewing 1 reply thread
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