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      I’m having difficulty closing paths created with the line tool. I feel I should be able to join lines, close the path and create a fill. I can do this using the polygon tool, but not the line tool.


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      Hi. The Line tool will create one straight path at a time. Because it is a single straight path with no area it will not be visible on its own with a fill. If you have two or more straight paths and the end points are close to each other, you can select them and choose the command Edit > Paths > Join from the main menu. The paths will join and you can apply a fill style. Note, at this point they are still a path to which a fill style can be applied. As desired you can choose Graphic > Convert To > Shape from the main menu to convert it to a shape object type. Alternatively, you can use the Irregular Polygon Tool with stroke and/or fill styles to draw an object with many straight line segments that are already one object. I hope that helps, Jill

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