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      Is it possible to change the colour of the rivers on the Map templates (Specifically Europe in the Media Scale Regions but also for all templates). I believe it is possible to do them all in one go but it won’t allow me to do it. I select a river in the layer where it is unlocked but when I go to the style panel it is locked. Please see attached image. I can press Reset – but this is not good as it sometimes changes the shape of the River. Clone does seem to work and I can change the colour but only on the selected river I can’t get it to work across all the rivers. With the lakes it is much easier – and you can select one and they all change colour.

      I suppose the key question here is why is the style panel locked for rivers but not for lakes. In the layers panel everything is unlocked but not so in the style panel.

      Anyway can you let me know if I am missing something obvious or if I should use clone and colour each river separately. Thank you

      Also – a second point.

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