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    Artboard 2 continues support for Core Image filters used within styles to create a variety of interesting effects. In the initial release of Artboard 2, we only have user interfaces for a small subset of these, including those in the Blur and Bloom/Gloom filter categories. If you have created styles using other Core Image effects, they will still work correctly in Artboard 2, but you will not currently be able to adjust their parameters. Our plan is to expand support as time progresses.

    The reason for this is that in Artboard 1, we used Apple-supplied user interface elements for Core Image effects, but these interfaces are, frankly, terrible. In Artboard 2, we have removed these in favour of our own interfaces which are much better looking and fit properly within the space available and with the style of the rest of the UI. Creating these interfaces takes a considerable effort, which is why we are staging the release of Core Image filter support in the way described.

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