Makes mapping easier.

Customize Ortelius

As you use Ortelius, you’ll discover which controls you use most. For different drawings, you may have a preferred layout for sidebars. You may want to always use a specific drawing unit for new drawings. Ortelius lets you customize these settings and more to suit your work style.

Some customized settings apply to individual drawings as they are opened and closed, while other settings may apply to all of your drawings.

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Reposition Your Map

Sometimes you may want to reposition and/or resize your content across all layers. You can do so with the ‘Reposition…‘ command.

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A flexible print dialog offers “shrink to single page” and “poster-tiled” printing.

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Export your entire drawing as a single image or vector PDF drawing. Alternatively, export separate layers, slices of your drawing, or selected objects as individual files.

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Save, Print and Export Documents

Ortelius uses Apple’s system to save with Autosave and Versions. Because Pages continually saves your work, you can browse earlier versions of any document, save copies of previous versions, and restore a document to an earlier version.

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Add a North Arrow

Maps typically indicate which way is north. Commonly this is done by a north arrow or compass rose. Orientation may also be shown by graticule or grid marks (e.g. lines of latitude and longitude). By convention north is towards the top of the page (thus some maps do not have north arrows), but the orientation is usually still given for a “proper” map. When north is not at the top of the page a north arrow is essential.

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Add a Map Legend (Map Key)

Legends, also called map a “key,” define the meaning of symbols and styles used on a map. The choice to include a legend depends on your map’s purpose and your audience. Maps do not need legends if the symbology is so common or simple as to be easily understood by the reader. However, it must be clear what the symbols represent.

Legends are created by laying out symbols, styles and text. When creating a legend, use guidelines to keep your layout tidy.

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Scale Bar

In Ortelius, a scale bar is a dynamic object, and will adjust based on changes in scale from the Map Size & Units window. The scale bar is automatically calibrated based on the drawing scale settings and placed on the active layer.

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Guide to Working with Map Shapefiles in Ortelius

Ortelius 2 supports import and georeferencing of multiple shapefiles. This can be a powerful way to start your next map, but it can sometimes negatively affect performance or produce unanticipated results. This guide will help you understand key features and limitations of working with shapefiles in order to achieve the best results.

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