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Introducing Artboard 2: The Graphic Design App for Creative People.

Mapdiva announces the release of Artboard 2, full-featured drawing software to create crisp vector graphics and layered illustrations. Artboard 2 is positioned as an alternative to more complicated and expensive vector drawing software. Spend more time drawing and less time searching for elusive commands. Overflowing with new features and a tidy user interface, its speed and responsiveness are complemented by smart techniques for interacting with drawing objects. With its affordable price point and plethora of in-app and online resources, Artboard 2 puts quality graphic design tools squarely within reach of new and experienced creatives.

“Since 2011, our motto for Artboard has been “Simple. Powerful. Fun,” co-founder Graham Cox explains. “It keeps us focused and forces us to carefully consider each and every feature; to balance functionality with usability.” That simplicity and power are evident in Artboard’s new tabbed interface, more powerful styles editor, and “smart” drawing tools.

Artboard 2 combine shapes at your fingertips

Free in-app resources make Artboard 2 all the more appealing. Artboard’s built-in library of over 1900 styles and clip art include a wide assortment of maps, shapes, color swatches, and more. And these aren’t just standard clip art images – they are crisp vector graphics that you can completely change the size, color and design of to make your own. Flexible templates help small businesses, students, hobbyist and 2D game designers get started on their projects quickly, such as making business cards, posters, pixel perfect icons, and right-sized social media graphics.

Artboard 2 quick start vector clip art


Notable Features of Artboard 2

  • AT YOUR FINGERTIPS CONTROL – Single direct Select tool for editing objects, combined with a new tabbed interface, puts what you need at your fingertips. You can add and remove points, simplify paths, rotate and resize shapes, edit objects through direct and numeric input, move center points, combine objects with Boolean operators, crop and clip photos, reset object’s bounding box, and… much, much more.
  • SUPER SMART DRAWING TOOLS – “Live” adjust all vector shapes, paths, and curves directly. New Geometry Tab means no more digging through menus to find edit commands.
  • MORE POWERFUL STYLES EDITOR – Go way beyond simple stroke and fill styles of basic illustration software. Artboard’s Styles Tab is used to create and edit expert “stacked” styles (including arrowed strokes, rough strokes, pattern brushes, gradients, image tile, patterned and hatched fills, and more).
  • TIME-SAVING WORKFLOWS – Export your drawing, selected objects, individual layers, and/or “slices” of your drawing, at multiple resolutions and scales, supporting multiple Color Spaces. Print shrink-to-fit to a single page, and “poster-tiled” printing over multiple sheets of paper.
  • EDITABLE CLIP ART & STYLES – Includes over 1900 royalty-free fully editable clip art and graphic styles to customize, plus a Library to store your own.

Artboard 2 software is exclusively for Mac OS X. Read the full Release Notes here.

Artboard 2 Upgrade Pricing

Artboard is available to purchase on the App Store, or directly from us. The product is functionally identical, though purchasing and updates are handed differently. The choice is yours, but we prefer you to purchase from our store. Here’s why:

  • The update procedure is simpler, both for you as a customer and for us as developers.
  • We get much better customer statistics, which make it much easier to serve you.
  • We can be far more flexible offering discounts and alternative licensing options.
  • The product costs less on our store.

Version 1 upgrade

The previous Version 1 upgrade offer has now come to an end.

Version 2.1 App Store upgrade.

Due to changes to Mapdiva itself, we recently (Feb 2019) had to relist Artboard on the App Store as a new product, with new code signing and a new identity. This was due to inflexibility on Apple’s side. Unfortunately we are not Microsoft, and they were not prepared to help us ensure customer continuity. Therefore existing customers who purchased Artboard 2 on the App Store will no longer automatically receive update notifications. Nor can we contact you directly to let you know about this, because Apple do not give us your details (you can start to see why we set up an alternative store!) So if you are an App Store customer, you may be eligible for a free upgrade. See this page for more details.

Thank YOU!

We have worked hard to implement the features that YOU have requested. Whether you’re a long-time Artboard user, or you’re just joining us, thanks choosing Artboard!

How Artboard Is Influencing Our 2nd Generation Products

In 2008, Mapdiva delivered Ortelius – the creative app for custom map design. Our drawing engine proved so rich and powerful that many of our customers encouraged us to build a general purpose graphic design app. When Artboard was born in 2011, we didn’t anticipate its impact our company.

“Simple. Powerful. Fun.” was our mantra for Artboard from day one. Since Ortelius is a more serious niche product, we didn’t anticipate how much Ortelius would be informed by this thinking. But “Simple. Powerful. Fun.” keeps us focused on the customer. It forces us to carefully consider each and every feature; to balance functionality with usability. It is simplicity and power that make Artboard a joy to use. Since Ortelius and Artboard are built on the same drawing engine, this naturally spills over across products.

That is why this year we will release Artboard 2 before Ortelius 2. Development of our next generation products is well underway, and it is interesting to see how Ortelius 2 is being informed by our development decisions with Artboard. As a sophisticated app, Ortelius is by its nature more complex. Yet Ortelius 2 will simplify the UI while increasing functionality. With both apps, we are paying attention to workflow, putting everything in reach, and giving you rich new features for even more to love.

P.S. We can’t yet announce exact release dates. We know it always takes more time and more coding than expected to make a project work. To quote an adage about software development, “the first 90 percent of the work is easy, the second 90 percent wears you down, and the last 90 percent – the attention to detail – makes a good product.”  Well, we’re in the last 90%. We’ll start posting sneak peeks soon!

Mapdiva Announces Artboard 1.8

Mapdiva LLC today is pleased to announce an important update to Artboard, the simple, powerful, fun vector drawing software for Mac OS X. Artboard 1.8 is enhanced for the MacBook Pro with Retina-display. The update introduces social sharing of drawings, new power-features, and enhanced performance. Artboard 1.8 is a general update recommended for all users. Read more

Artboard: 2013 Best Drawing Program!

We were quite surprised (and thrilled!) to learn Artboard drawing software was selected as this year’s TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award recipient. TopTenREVIEWS provides in-depth review of software features, tools, usability, and help & support, as well as side-by-side comparisons. According to TopTenREVIEWS, “Artboard is the best Mac drawing software on our lineup.”

“Artboard Mac drawing software offers ample features, tools and usability components to help you create any artwork you want for personal and professional purposes. You can make simple graphics, maps, icons, cards, posters and more. You can create paintings and drawings. The software is relatively simple to use, with a clean interface and dozens of backgrounds and layouts to kick start your artwork.

This vector-based application offers shapes that include stars, polygons, rounded rectangles, arcs, wedges and more. It has a series of palettes – including styles and clip art, a fonts palette and a colors palette – to help you easily create digital designs.

Artboard scored well in all of our rating categories – Features, Tools, Usability and Help & Support – with the most overall offerings of any product on our list. It’s the winner of our TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award.”

Thanks TopTenREVIEWS, and thanks to everyone for your support and encouragement as we strive to make our software the very best.

Artboard 1.7 Promotes “Shared” Styles as Power Feature

Shared styles are truly powerful, but we realize not everyone is comfortable with using them. So, how do we simplify the workflow while still letting power-users take advantage of shared styles? We make shared styles even more powerful… by putting YOU in control of when to use them.

Style sharing is still available, but is now disabled by default. This has a profound effect on workflow: every object you draw will automatically have its own copy of the style in use, so it can be freely changed and modified without affecting any other object. Shared styles can be re-enabled in the user Preferences.

When shared styles are enabled, advanced users can take advantage of styles that cascade across objects. Create three objects in a row, and they will share the same style; adjust the style and the change will automatically cascade across all three. In this way, changes to styles across multiple objects can be made very quickly and efficiently. You can break the style link between successive objects by clicking “Reset” to reset to the default style, or “Clone” to create a new style based on the one currently in use.

To enable shared styles, go to Artboard > Preferences… Edit tab and check the box to “Enable shared styles.” Optionally, check “Styles are sharable by default” to have new styles that you create automatically have the shared setting active (this was the default behavior of Artboard 1.0-1.6). If you’ve used Artboard version 1.6 or prior and have existing styles that you want to continue to be shared, activate this setting in the Artboard Preferences pane.

Artboard Seen at Apple 2012 Keynote Event

Artboard makes a cameo appearance at the October 2012 Apple Keynote event while Phil Schiller introduces the completely awesome new Retina-display MacBooks. What an honor to be seen among so many truly great apps!

Artboard 1.7 Redesigned Workflow

Artboard 1.7 introduces a redesigned workflow for drawing. Simply pick a tool, choose a style from the Styles & Clip Art palette or create your own, and draw. Artboard 1.7 makes it even easier to effortlessly change a style’s properties and continue drawing.  Read more

Mapdiva Announces Artboard 1.7

Mapdiva LLC today is pleased to announce a major update to Artboard, the simple, powerful, fun vector drawing software for Mac OS X. Artboard 1.7 is enhanced for the MacBook Pro with Retina-display. The update introduces a redesigned workflow for drawing. Read more

Mapdiva Releases Artboard 1.6 – Optimized for OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion

Mapdiva today announces Artboard 1.6, a major update to their powerful vector drawing software for Mac OS X. Artboard makes it easy to design logos, posters, technical drawings and more. Artboard includes over 1700 awesome styles and fully editable clip art, including shapes, shiny buttons, maps, people factory, and home planning; plus a Library to store your own. Version 1.6, optimized for OS Mountain Lion, adds Retina-display support, many new features, and important usability enhancements. Read more

Artboard Standard & Isometric Grids

Artboard’s Isometric Grids

For a quick way to add some perspective (pun intended), Artboard 1.6+ now offers isometric grids along with our standard graph paper options. Bonus: check out the boat-load of new isometric shapes in the editable vector Clip Art collection.

Artboard Optimized for Retina Display

We’ve optimized Artboard for retina display. It involved redesigning all icons and app buttons as vector graphics for high-resolution display. This was a huge undertaking and we are proud that every last one of them was made exclusively in Artboard. It’s a great example of what you can create with Artboard.