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Advanced Artboard “Slices” Guide

“Slices” are smaller areas of your drawing you can set as an optional method for export. Slices allow you to export portions of your drawing separately, such as when designing user interface icons or buttons. Slices are also commonly used to divide an image into smaller sections, for example for use on an HTML webpage. Unlike exporting selected objects, exported slices include all visible objects across multiple layers.

In this tutorial, we’ll show a close-up view of slice alignment, how to adjust its size, make copies, name, arrange, and export.

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Import Free SVG Graphics, Like This Awesome Chinese New Year Dragon

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is an open-standard vector image format for two-dimensional graphics. SVG graphics are available from many sources, and here we show how to import and edit a graphic from OpenClipArt.org, a free and public domain source of SVG clip art (Mapdiva is not affiliated with OpenClipArt.org).

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Make Perfect Social Media Headers Every Time

Creating social media headers and graphics can be a real pain. We’ve incorporated the latest specs into Artboard’s social media templates so you can focus your energy on content and design.

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Artboard Blend fill stroke styles freehand

Create Custom Blended Styles

Gradient fills are often used to shade objects for a realistic look. Using a gradient fill is limited because the gradient steps don’t always run in the same direction as the shape of the object. Here we show how to create blended stroke and fill styles for the desired effect. Read more

Artboard User Clipart Collections

Create a Custom Library Collection

Save time and effort by creating a custom Library Collection for your next project. Keep all your custom clipart and styles at your fingertips and organized. Read more

Complete Guide to Pixel Perfect Icons

Time saving tricks and pitfalls to avoid to create crisp icons for user interface design. While some of the topics are specific to Artboard, this guide will help you create pixel perfect icons regardless of which vector software you use.

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Easy Crop & Clip Images

Cropping and clipping images to complex shapes has never been easier. Simply double-click an image and adjust its bounding box and reposition image. Add a complex shape to clip the image with Intersect.

Exporting Different Image Sizes and Resolutions

When you export an image from your drawing, its dimensions and resolution are based on a combination of your drawing settings and your export settings. You can change the scale and resolution of your drawing when you export it. Here’s how…

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Hills & Mountains map symbols Ortelius Map Design Software (Mac)

Transferring Styles and Clip Art Collections from Artboard 1 to Artboard 2: Mac App Store Version

If you are an Artboard 1 user and are upgrading to Artboard 2, you may have customised User Collections that you’d like to use in Artboard 2.

If you purchase Artboard 2 directly from us, the application is not sandboxed and will automatically import user collections and templates from any older version, including the Mac App Store version.

If you purchase Artboard 2 from the Mac App Store, it is sandboxed and is therefore unable to automatically migrate your old collections and templates. This is an inherent limitation imposed by sandboxing.

Therefore, to get around this, you can Export your custom user Collections from Artboard 1 and Import them into Artboard 2. You can do this at any time – downloading and installing Artboard 2 will not remove or affect your installation of Artboard 1 in any way.

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