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Sequence Markers, Shields, and Special Symbols

‘Sequence Marker’ symbols are available in the Ortelius built-in library. Sequential marker symbols let you quickly place numbered markers on your map to highlight points of interest. Place Sequential Marker symbols just like any other symbol and they’ll automatically number themselves 1,2,3… Ortelius is loaded with road shields that can be placed onto roads with […]

Styles and Symbols Palette

Ortelius ships with an outstanding Library of over 1900 uniques styles and editable vector symbols. New styles and graphics can be added to the user’s Library. These are accessible to you from the Styles & Symbols palette while you draw.

Contour Layer

The Contour Layer enables users to draw cross section elevation profiles and illustrative (fiction) maps. The Contour Layer is a graphic effect which does not rely on data input. It is not intended for applications that require accuracy.

Border Layer

Adding a Border Layer for a Frame (Neatline) or Background Ortelius introduces a slick way to add a frame border (or “neat line”) and/or background your map. Styling border layers is as easy as drag-and-drop. These borders coincide with the map margins set during drawing setup.

Index Grid

Maps, such as city and road maps, often use an index to assist the reader in finding specific locations. An index grid is superimposed over the map and is typically annotated with letters and numbers around the edges of the map border. For example, many map readers are familiar with finding a road located in […]

Slices Layer

“Slices” are smaller areas of your drawing you can set for export. See Export to learn more about exporting slices. Slices are optional for export. Slices are always aligned to the pixel grid.

The Layers Tab

Layers are like pages you can look through. Like a stack of tracing paper (or transparent mylar), each drawing layer can hold multiple objects. Organize your large design by adding related objects onto separate layers. Layers are discrete – you cannot select objects across multiple layers.

The Attributes Tab

An attribute is information that has been attributed to a feature, such as a river name, forest type, population value, house number, or country name. Attibute information can be used to add intelligent labels to objects, and more. Unlike standard graphic design software, Ortelius has the ability to store attribute information associated with each map […]