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Ortelius Earns Apple Staff Pick

08.25.09 In the wake of Ortelius’ recent release to the world, the software earns listing as an Apple Featured 3rd Party Download and Staff Pick. Ortelius is a vector-based drawing and cartographic design program made especially for map design and presentation. Through its drag-and-drop interface, Ortelius offers a creative solution for floor plans, landscape plans, […]

Ortelius Aims to Unleash Both the Art and Science of Geography

08.24.09 Spatial Sustain Magazine/Vector1 Media editor, Matt Ball, posts this article tracing our journey to Ortelius: A new cartographic design tool called Ortelius was launched last week by Mapdiva. This tool addresses a lack of mapmaking software for the Mac OS X environment, and aims to make map design easier to learn and implement. The two principals of Mapdiva […]

Mapdiva Launches Ortelius Map Illustration Software

Mapdiva, LLC announces the first release of Ortelius map illustration software for Mac OS X.  Ortelius is a powerful vector-based program allowing you to easily create floor plans, landscape plans, scaled drawings, and a wide variety of high quality custom maps.  Designed for ease-of-use, it allows you to draw directly with features such as roads, […]

Ortelius Has Launched!

08.19.09 A big thank-you to all of our testers and reviewers – we’ve made it!  Check out our new web site for all the details on Ortelius, including a downloadable trial version.  We’ll continue to add tips & tricks and screencasts to our web site to maintain it not only as our product site, but also as […]

Drawing Coastlines

To create a coastal area map, the land area needs to be a filled-in shape (or polygon). Set up a “Source Map” layer and a “Land Area” layer to hold your drawing. You need a starting point, so copy and paste a source map onto the map area in preparation for tracing. Trace the Coastline […]

Drawing Map Features Overlapping the Map Margins

By default, Ortelius map layers draw within the map area margins and are visually “clipped” to its border. Map features, text, and other drawing objects can be drawn outside of the map area by changing the Layer settings. For the active layer, deactivate (uncheck) Layers > Clip Objects to Map Area from the main menu. […]

Drawing Roads

Use Cartography Tools to Draw Roads We’ve set up our drawing file with a source map to trace over, so let’s add a layer to hold our roads. Choose the Freehand Track tool from the Drawing Tools and a road style from the Symbols Palette. Ortelius comes packed with road styles or you can create […]

Ortelius Cartography Software

Ortelius® is a new way to communicate your project through maps, make landscape plans, show service territories, and well… draw your world. Mapdiva is dedicated to making intuitive mapping software so you can focus your creative energy on content and design. Finally, map-making software for the rest of us.

Abraham Ortelius

It is only fitting that the most creative map illustration software today be named after one of history’s most prominent cartographers. This superb portrait by the Flemish painter Adriaen Thomaszoon Key represent Abraham Ortelius (1527-1598), a luminary figure in the intellectual history of the Renaissance. Born Abraham Ortels in the Flemish capital of Antwerp in […]