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Mapdiva releases Ortelius 2 – Pro Map Design Software for the Mac

Indianapolis, Indiana – US-Australia-based developer Mapdiva today releases Ortelius 2 creative map design software for the Mac. This unique professional creativity app is a hybrid that lies somewhere between a vector drawing program, such as Illustrator™ and a geographic information system (though it’s decidedly not GIS). Ortelius adds tailored functionality for cartography, such as connectable […]

A Note on Ortelius’ New License Options

Over the past few years, the software industry has changed around us. In particular, two trends have significantly impacted independent developers: 1) Updates to the Mac operating system (MacOS) have become annual events that require significant investment to maintain compatibility and customer support, and 2) Perpetual licenses have become increasingly unsustainable and difficult for developers […]

Layer Transparency

Changing the opacity of all features on an Ortelius’ Drawing Layer is now easy as pie. Unlike the master opacity of individual styles, changing a Drawing Layer’s master opacity affects all features and respects the object stack order within the layer.

Create Custom Blended Styles

Gradient fills are often used to shade objects for a realistic look. Using a gradient fill is limited because the gradient steps don’t always run in the same direction as the shape of the object. Here we show how to create blended stroke and fill styles for the desired effect.