Welcome to Artboard 2

Artboard is simple enough to get you going fast, yet powerful enough to meet your everyday drawing needs.

User Interface

Artboard 2 User Interface

Artboard’s new user interface puts everything within easy reach. Show, hide or rearrange Tabs. Popover controls. The result is a uncluttered workspace that’s a pleasure to use. The familiar OS X interface consists of the following:

  • Tabbed interface puts everything at your fingertips. Layers are expandable to help you organize your drawing. Add guides, customize graph paper & define slices for export.
  • Super smart tools with Dimension Display make it easier than ever to draw shapes, paths, text, and more.
  • Over 1900 royalty-free vector styles & clip art are included, plus a User Library to store your own.
  • Customizable tabbed interface. Use the Styles Tab to create and edit styles, Geometry Tab to adjust objects, Text Tab to modify fonts properties and Layers Tab to keep your drawing organized.