The Tools Palette

The Tools palette is visible by default. To Show / Hide Tools, click the Tools button on the toolbar, or choose ‘Window > Tools’ from the main menu.

View the Tools Palette


The Tools palette consists of Selection tools (Select, Zoom & Pan), Graphics tools (Shapes, Paths & Curves, Edit Paths and Points, Text Box & Text On Path, Clip Art Stamp, and Style Dropper), and a Preview that displays the active style or clip art.

HINT: Drawing tools work with both fill and line styles. For example, the Irregular Polygon can appear as a filled shape when applying fill styles and a shape with an outline when applying line styles.

Sticky Tools

  1. By default, tools are “sticky” – the tool will remain active until you choose a different tool (active tool appears highlighted orange).
  2. Depending on the task at hand, having the tools revert immediately back to the Select [s] tool after each use may be preferred. Double-click on any tool to release tools from the sticky state (active tool will appear blue or graphite depending on your system ‘appearance’ setting). In the non-sticky state, click a tool to “turn it on” and use it once. Afterward, you’ll revert back to the direct Select [s] tool.

To make non-sticky tools sticky again, double-click on the Select tool or any drawing tool.