Setting Up a New Drawing

Set your drawing canvas dimensions, drawing units and more, including the ability to save settings as your personal default for new drawings.

Drawing Size & Units

To create a new blank drawing, choose ‘File > New’ from the main menu.

Click the Drawing Size & Units button in the toolbar, or choose ‘File > Drawing Size & Units…’ from the main menu to edit settings of the Canvas.


Choose millimeters, centimeters, inches, or points from the drop-down menu.


Enter the 1) width and 2) height of your desired canvas size.

Subtract Paper Margins

When creating a drawing for the printed page, your drawing area may be slightly larger than your paper size due to paper printer margins around the edges. Optionally, check ‘Subtract paper margins’ to subtract your printer page margins from the entered drawing canvas size. Paper margins are based on your current printer settings.

HINT: Alternatively, choose ‘Fit To Single Page‘ from the Print dialog to shrink to fit any drawing to the current printer paper size.

Save As Default

Click the ‘Save As Default’ button to set the entered options as the default for new documents.

Page Setup…

Access the Apple system Page Setup dialog to change printer paper size and orientation. Click the ‘Page Setup…’ button to show the page setup dialog.

Simulated Paper

Simulated paper set the background color or texture for the entire drawing to simulate the appearance of printer paper you are intending to use. The selected color will not be printed or exported.

Click the ‘Simulated Paper’ drop-down list and do one of the following:

  • Click a preset background image, or
  • Click ‘Color’ to open the Color Picker and choose a background color, or
  • Click ‘None’ to remove a background color or image.

Graph Paper

See Graph Paper for more information.