Global Styles

By default, every style that is applied to an object is “local” to that object. If the style is changed, the change applies only to that object. “Global” styles can be shared among objects. In this way, style changes can be made very quickly and efficiently across multiple objects.

This is an advanced feature enabled in the Artboard Preferences.

About Global Styles

When using a global style, each object you draw will “share” the same style. If the style is changed, the change cascades across all objects sharing an instance of the style. For example, choose a global style and draw three objects in a row – they share the same style; adjust the style and the change automatically cascades across all three objects.

To Enable Global Styles

  1. In the main menu, open ‘Artboard Preferences’ then activate ‘Global Styles’ in the ‘Advanced’ pane.
  2. Check the ‘Global’ setting in the Style Tab (this setting is only visible if Global Styles have been activated in the Artboard Preferences).
  3. As you draw, the objects share the same style.
  4. Changes you make to the style instantly apply to all objects that share the style.

HINT: If you want all new styles that you create to be global by default, check “Styles are global by default”  in the Preferences menu.

To Break the Style Link in Global Styles

When using a global style, each object you draw will share the same style as the previous object.

  1. Click ‘Clone’ to break the style link between successive objects. ‘Clone’ creates a new style based on a copy of the style currently in use.
  2. Click “Reset” to create a new style.

HINT: Editing a shared library style can have unforeseen consequences, including if the style is in use in other documents. As needed, use ‘Clone’ to work with a copy of the library style.