Get Started Drawing

Drawing in Artboard is easy – simply pick a tool, choose a style, and draw.

To Draw with Styles You Create

Artboard 2 is the Easiest Vector Drawing Software

  1. Choose a drawing tool from the Tools palette.
  2. Start drawing.
  3. Do one of the following:
    • In the Styles Tab , click a color-well to change color; check / uncheck to show / hide stroke or fill, and continue drawing; or
    • Click the ‘Reset’  button in the Styles Tab to reset to the default style, or the ‘Clone’  button to make a copy having the same style components. Edit the style properties as desired, and continue drawing.

Artboard goes way beyond simple fill and stroke. See the Styles Tab for more information about creating your own styles.

To Draw using Built-in Styles

  1. Choose a drawing tool from the Tools palette.
  2. Open the Styles & Clip Art palette.
  3. Choose a stroke or fill style from the Styles & Clip Art palette and draw (note, clip art are greyed out and not selectable when a drawing tool is active).
  4. To change styles, click once onto a different style in the Styles & Clip Art palette and continue drawing.

See the Styles & Clip Art Palette for more information about drawing with extensive built-in styles.

Learn the Drawing Tools with Hands-On Exercises

Vector drawing tools may be unfamiliar to new users. Quickly learn how to use the drawing tools through Artboard’s Hands-On Exercises. Choose ‘File > Templates > New From Template…’ from the main menu and select an exercise.