Mapdiva Releases Artboard 1.4 Vector Graphics for OS X Lion

Artboard 1.4 is now available as an update on the Mac App Store. This is mostly a bug-fix release, with only a few user-visible changes. We’ve removed some unimportant preferences and changed a couple of the defaults as well. There are some new commands for collapsing and expanding handles on a path,
and some of the path commands were added to the contextual (right-click) menu. A new preference was added to allow you to have larger handles and controls on objects if you wish.

• Adds ability to directly collapse and expand handles on a path.
• Better precision in the mouse coordinates toolbar widget.
• Polar Duplicate calculates the angle needed for a circle for you.
• Tool keyboard shortcuts made case insensitive.
• Warning when using transparent colours in a gradient.
• Copy of objects made greatly more efficient, especially for large objects, or when the selection covers a large area of a drawing – no spinning pizza!
• Some unnecessary preferences were removed.
• Some defaults were changed. In particular, Lion features Autosave and Versions (which were present in 1.3, but OFF by default) are now ON by default. They may still be disabled if you dislike Lion’s document management.
• Changed the meaning of “hairline” width in the format bar – now 0.1pt, not 0pt.
• Added path commands to the contextual menu that appears when right-clicking on a path.
• Fixed bug with allowing locked objects to be moved to another layer.
• Fixed bug with display of radius and diameter dimension lines.
• Fixed bug with display of 0-width orthogonal lines.
• Fixed bug with dash patterns having all-zero values.
• Fixed bug with display of layers sidebar when resuming after quit.

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