Mapdiva Announces Artboard 1.2 – Optimized for Mac OS Lion

Mapdiva LLC is pleased to announce a major update to Artboard, the popular vector drawing software for Mac OS. Artboard 1.2 is optimized for OS Lion. The update focuses on strong performance improvements and important usability enhancements.

New in this version:

  • Mac OS 10.7 “Lion” support, including full-screen viewing, resume, versions and autosave preferences
  • 64-bit native
  • Ability to apply operations to multiple selected objects
  • More efficient image handling
  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements

Lion Support

If your using Mac OS 10.7 you will love seeing Artboard 1.2 default support for full-screen viewing and resume. We’ve made Autosave and Versions available as a user preference. To use those features, go to Artboard > Preferences – Options in the main menu and click “Enable Autosaving and Versions”.

Support for Multiple Object Editing

When multiple objects are selected, certain operations can now be applied to the entire selection. For example, when multiple Text boxes are selected you can now change fonts and font size for the entire selection. Another example, a copied style can now be applied to multiple selected objects by choosing Edit > Style > Apply Style in the main menu.

Image Objects

Artboard 1.2 offers more efficient image handling. What’s more, you can now change image opacity of image objects directly from the Geometry panel.

Easier Toolbar Access to Operations

They’ve always been there, but weren’t as easy to find as we’d like. Artboard 1.2 delivers with all the “Combine” icons ready to use from your toolbar. Align middle and center are there too (so is the Image Browser!). To add others, right-clcik the toolbar and choose “Customize” from the context menu.

Update Today

To easily update to Artboard 1.2, simply use “Update” in the Mac App Store.

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    • mapdiva
      mapdiva says:

      Hi uneu,
      A lot of point really – as there are a great many users who don’t require SVG. However, we are aware that there are also many people who would like or require this feature (and it sounds like you are among those) and we have made great strides toward SVG support in the future. While it isn’t quite ready for formal release, you can informally try SVG import in the current version of Artboard… append a “b” to the extension on any SVG file to open it in Artboard (file.svg becomes file.svgb). This works in the trial version as well – we encourage everyone to download the trial and make sure Artboard suits your needs before you purchase. Thanks, Jill

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