Artboard 1.1 Improves Vector Drawing Control and Workflow

We heard some great suggestions from early users and have worked hard to implement the ones we’re sure you’ll love. Artboard 1.1 improves workflow and introduces even greater control for drawing paths, moving nodes and curve handles.

Updated Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are updated for improved workflow. For example, the Select tool now uses the [s] shortcut bringing it on par with other professional drawing software. The Spacebar offers quick activation of the Pan tool for repositioning the drawing canvas regardless of the currently active tool. See the complete list of keyboard shortcuts.

Visual Feedback

Users now receive “visual feedback” in the form of a darkened point when selecting any point along a path, or any curve handle.


Use the keyboard arrow keys now to “nudge” individually selected points and curve handles in any direction.

Quick Edit Mode

Double-click any shape to quickly convert between shape and path edit modes. For example, draw a square and double-click it to switch to edit path mode. Select a corner and nudge the point outward. Double-click it to convert it back to a shape object. Paths work the same way. Note that special objects, like stars and rounded rectangles, lose their special status when converted to regular shapes.

Automatically Closing Paths

Artboard 1.1 implements automatically closing paths as the default behavior for Irregular Polygons, Bezier Paths, and Freehand Line tools. When you draw your ending point on top of your starting point, the path will close automatically. To open a closed path, choose Edit > Paths (+Option-key) > Open from the main menu, or Option Key-Command-.(period) keyboard shortcut. The Command-.(period) keyboard shortcut will close an open path. HINT: If you prefer not to have paths automatically close, you can disable this behavior in the Artboard > Preferences.