Artboard 1.8.1 Released

Mapdiva today announces the release of Artboard 1.8.1, , the simple, powerful, fun vector drawing software for Mac OS X. Artboard 1.8.1 is a general update recommended for all users.

What’s New?

  • Holding down option when nudging an object or handle with the arrow keys now moves the item by the grid span distance when snapping to grid, or 10 points when not snapping.
  • Trackpad gestures for zooming and two-finger double-tap smart zooming can now be optionally disabled in the preferences.

Bug Fixes

  • A problem where selecting text boxes was frequently difficult on OSX 10.6.x was fixed.
  • A problem where selecting extremely small shape objects placed close to each other was fixed.
  • A problem where the Scale value in the Export dialog was ignored unless the user hit tab or enter was fixed.
  • A problem where using the Geometry panel to enter X or Y positions for multiple objects would sometimes cause the objects to jump to the edge of the drawing was fixed.
  • Other minor bug fixes.

Other Changes

  • Documents are now loaded and saved in the background making the use of Autosave much smoother and faster.
  • Export now supports a fractional scale value.