Artboard 1.3 is Now Available

Artboard 1.3 is now available as an update on the Mac App Store. The update includes user interface enhancements and plenty of useful new features.

One of the big changes is a new Format Bar to simplify and enhance the overall workflow. The Format Bar is located along the top of the Rulers and replaces the “Simple” pane on the Style Inspector. You’ll now be able to create new and cloned simple styles without having to open palettes.

Another one we think you’ll love is the ability to export selected objects from your drawing. To more clearly separate styles and clip art, we reorganized the built-in collection’s categories, and added several new items (like wood grain textures and logo elements). For the developers among you, Artboard 1.3 contains a brand new set of iOS templates.

What’s new in this version: 

  • Added Format Bar to simplify and enhance overall workflow
  • Enhanced and reorganized built-in collection of styles and clip-art
  • Added built-in orientation video and help resources panel
  • Improved controls for stroke line cap and join settings
  • Smarter ‘Offset Copy’ operation preserves original type of objects such as polygons and round rectangles
  • Export now supports only exporting the selected objects
  • Export for raster formats such as JPEG, TIFF and PNG use a new pathway to avoid the lack of support in PDF (and print) for transparent gradients. Transparent gradients are now exported correctly for JPEG, TIFF and PNG formats
  • ‘Outline Path’ operation made smarter and enhanced to work with special stroke styles such as arrows, tapered, tagged and rough strokes
  • Library Manager now creates a simpler and more useful default structure for new collections
  • User created collections are now named based on the logged-in user name
  • Wording of ‘locked’ styles and clip-art changed to indicate ‘editable’ instead, to make it clear what locking really means. Unlock/Lock icon changed to a pencil or crossed pencil
  • Enhanced help
  • New preference added for changing the freehand drawing smoothing factor
  • Locked layers no longer incorrectly accept pasted objects or moved layers
  • Numerous minor bug fixes
Please see our FAQs: Mac App Store Downloads, Updates and More if you are having any issue with updating on the Mac App Store.