Artboard 1.1 Now Available

We’re pretty excited to let you know about the release of Artboard 1.1. It is a significant update with many enhancements – and it’s free for existing users. New features include the following:

  • Geometry Panel – Objects can now be precisely adjusted using numeric input in the Geometry panel located in the lower left panel under the Layers list.
  • New Artboard style components enable some really cool effects. These tutorials to introduce a few of the great new features:
  • SVG Import Preview – While SVG import is not formally supported, you can now informally preview and test your own SVG files. Follow our progress on the User Forum.
  • Select tool shortcut key remapped to [s] (it previously was the [Spacebar])
  • Visual Feedback Users now receive “visual feedback” in the form of a darkened point when selecting any point along a path, or any curve handle
  • Nudge Use the keyboard arrow keys now to “nudge” individually selected points and curve handles in any direction
  • [Spacebar] temporarily activates the Pan tool while other tools are active
  • Snap To… settings are now appropriately located under “Graphics” in the main menu
  • Quick Edit Double-clicked objects instantly convert between path/point mode and shape mode for faster editing
  • Automatically Closing Paths Bezier, Freehand and Irregular Polygon tools now automatically close when the end point overlaps the beginning point of the path. To open a closed path, chose Edit > Paths (+Option-key) > Open from the main menu, or Option Key-Command-.(period) keyboard shortcut. The Command-.(period) keyboard shortcut will close an open path. HINT: If you prefer not to have paths automatically close, you can disable this behavior in the Artboard > Preferences.
  • And more… see the Artboard 1.1 Release Notes for a full list of enhancements.