Quick Tips for Upgrading from Artboard 1 to Artboard 2

So, you’re upgrading from Artboard 1 to Artboard 2. Congratulations! This is our quick guide to what’s new and how to upgrade. As a repeat customer, we’re showing our appreciation with a 37.5% discount to existing users when purchasing directly from our store. Click here to see how to claim your coupon.

To get started, download and install Artboard 2. Artboard 2 is a completely separate application that will not remove or affect your installation of Artboard 1 in any way.

With a completely new user interface, dozens of new features, and enhancements to numerous to count, there’s a lot to take in. While we post Release Notes for every version, here’s a quick summary of what’s new in Artboard 2:

What’s New

Artboard 2 is a new product release and major upgrade from previous versions of Artboard. The following are just some of Artboard’s many new features:

  • Completely new and modernized user interface improves performance and simplifies access to every command
  • New object features, such as Divide objects and Skew objects, and more
  • Enhancements to Smart Shapes, such as individually squared corners on round-cornered rectangles, makes them even smarter
  • New tabbed interface provides “at-your-fingertips” access to functions through the Styles TabGeometry TabText Tab and Layers Tab
  • Styles Tab simplifies the way expert styles are built
  • Geometry Tab makes it a snap to Arrange, Duplicate, Linear Duplicate, Polar Duplicate, Flip, Convert, Combine, Align and Distribute objects
  • Text Tab puts font selection and text formatting all on one handy place
  • Layers Tab now includes expandable layers to see every object in the layer stack
  • Popover Color Picker and slider controls provide faster, more controlled access to style settings
  • Export options now include exporting drawing, individual layers, Slices, and individually selected objects
  • Export Color Space options now include sRGB, RGB, CMYK and more
  • Iconized interface for functions and controls simplifies the interface and language localization
  • New controls make it easy to reposition and resize objects numerically and by percent of original values
  • New object feedback shows angles and dimensions dynamically as you draw
  • New Photo / Image Editing controls to crop, clip, scale, and add effects
  • Image Browser enhancements improve “lazy” image loading (after slight delay from first load)
  • Simplified ‘Drawing Size & Units’ dialog: mm, cm, in, pts
  • New GIF and BMP export file formats
  • New Templates for home, business and social media
  • Hundreds of new clip art and styles – 1900+ now included in the built-in collection
  • Enhanced style components, including Image Fill, Path Decorator and Pattern Fill
  • New capability to modify geometry properties of multiple similar selected objects at once
  • New Slices Layer adds the ability to define specific areas of your drawing for export, making you more productive
  • Quick access to your Pictures folder and images through the enhanced Image Browser
  • Open / add Photos, iPhoto and Photo Booth images through the standard ‘Open’ dialog now shows images and image media which can be opened as a complete document or dragged into an existing document
Transferring Styles & Clip Art User Collections

If you are upgrading, you may have customized User Collections that you’d like to use in Artboard 2.

If you purchase Artboard 2 directly from us, the application is not sandboxed and will automatically import user collections and templates from any older version, including the Mac App Store version. YOU CAN STOP HERE, YOU’RE DONE!

If you purchase Artboard 2 from the Mac App Store, it is sandboxed and is therefore unable to automatically import user collections and templates. This is an inherent limitation imposed by sandboxing required by the Mac App Store. We’ve created a quick tutorial to show you how to transfer your collections and user templates.