How To Clip Images with Complex Objects

Artboard makes it easy to clip your images with complex vector objects. Draw any shape and use the Intersect command. Here’s how.

Tutorial Details

Program : Artboard 1.7+ for Mac OSX
Difficulty: Intermediate
Topics Covered: Image Browser and Intersect
Estimated Completion Time: about 15 minutes

Step 1 – Draw the Clipping Shape

Open the Image Browser and drag-and-drop from the Browser to your drawing canvas to place your image. Draw any shape – from a simple rounded rectangle to a complex outline of the area you want to clip. Here we’ve used the Bezier Path [b]tool to draw an outline around the girl in the picture. We used a simple red stroke with no fill to better see the outline as we traced over the picture.

Step 2 – Clip the Image

To clip the image with your shape, hold the Command-key and use the Select [s] tool to select both the image and the shape. Then click the Intersect icon on the Toolbar, or choose Graphic > Combine > Intersect from the main menu. Clipping images is non-destructive – an image that is clipped still has the original image hidden behind the clipped area, and the clipping path can be removed later as desired. Double-click the image to reposition it or scale it within its bounding box. An image effects panel is also displayed. If you want to remove the clipping path, right-click the image and choose “Remove Image clipping path” from the contextual menu.

Step 3 – Mask and Resample Image (optional)

An image with a clipping path can be permanently cropped to remove portions of the image that are hidden, thus reducing overall file size. Cropped images are resampled to the clipped area. To crop a clipped image, right-clicking the image and choose “Crop and resample image” from the contextual menu.

Final Image

Clipping images in Artboard is as easy as 1-2-3! We hope you enjoy the simplicity of how it works just like the Boolean operations with any vector objects.

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  1. ArtboardLover
    ArtboardLover says:

    Hi !
    i am ali and i am in love with Art-board.I have learned a few “how to do’s” myself with trail and error and the reason is most of the tutorial either do not cover the topic or cover it partially :(
    In the tutorial when
    1) writing button is pressed the cursor upon clicking to start writing leaves a message ” double click with select (S) tool and when i go for double click with select(s) tool the Button for writing gets deselected.So now i select writing button but don’t follow the instructions and right click and from menu choose “edit text” which does it for me.still i don’t know how to use this feature properly also no mention of how to use the free path text ?
    2) i am trying to fun edit a pic and peace together the upper body of pic of my friend to the lower body of a fat man can’t even crop the upper positron of my friend from the pic :( :( in spite of reading the tutorial again and again i can’t that
    3) there are no youtube resource available and the tutorial is written for a person who is intermediate user, a newbie like me can’t gain much out of it because it lacks step by step approach, Can resources from a dummy’s point of view can be made available ?

  2. Fernando
    Fernando says:

    I think there`s a step missing – I’m totally new to image editing, and I can’t seem to move from Step 3 to the final image. Nor does your Youtube tutorial covers the matter.

    Would you be so kind as to re-write this how-to in a “for dummies” manner? I’d really appreciate that.

    Thank you for your time.

    • mapdiva
      mapdiva says:

      Hi Fernando,
      The final image is the result from step #3 (the masked image). I’ve updated it so it is more clear that this is the final result of the tutorial, without the background and ribbon as in the front image. I hope that helps :)
      – Jill

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