Draw Plans To Scale in Artboard

Plans are technical drawings and two-dimensional diagrams used in architecture, urban planning, landscape architecture, and engineering. A key component of a plan is drawing “to scale” where units in the drawing are proportional to real world units, such as 1-inch in the drawing equals 1-foot in the real world. Use Artboard’s scale feature to draw all the geometric features for floor plans, garden design, product drawings, simple maps, and more.

Default Scale 1:1

Choose ‘File > Scale…’ in the main menu to open the scale dialog.

Artboard displays scale in writing and as a ratio. The default scale in Artboard is always 1:1. For example, 1cm = 1cm, where centimeter is the drawing unit. As desired, click the ‘Drawing Units…’ button to change drawing units in the Drawing Setup dialog. Click the ‘Reset 1:1’ button to reset to the default scale.

Scale Units

Use the ‘Scale Units’ drop-down to change the scale units to millimeters, centimeters, meters, inches, feet, yards or points.

To Set the Ratio Scale

As desired, change the drawing unit value, scale unit value, and/or scale units to set the scale. For example, the common 1/4″ scale (1:48) means that each 1/4″ (inch) on the plan counts for 1′ (feet) of actual physical length. This drawing scale can be represented in different ways. For example, .25-inches to 1-ft; 1-inch to 48-inches; or 1-inch to 4-feet. They all have a 1:48 drawing scale. Click the ‘Reset 1:1’ button to reset to the default scale.

HINT: Changing ‘Scale Units’ from the drop-down automatically adjusts the scale unit value to maintain the ratio scale.

To Display Scale Units as You Draw

Scale units are displayed by default in the Geometry Tab, and dimensions are (1) displayed interactively while you draw. In the Geometry Tab, use the (2) drop-down to toggle between displaying points, drawing units, or scale units in your drawing.

HINT: When creating a custom style, dimesions can be added to the “Arrow” line style component. Or use Artboard’s built-in style “Dimensioning Line – linear” to draw dimenaion lines.