Add Perspective with Skew

Artboard’s new ‘Skew’ function makes it easy to distort objects and add perspective. Here we combine multiple objects and apply ‘Skew’ to quickly add great looking windows to a tall building.

Tutorial Details

  • Program : Artboard 2
  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Topics Covered: Linear Duplicate; Combining Shapes; Skew
  • Estimated Completion Time: 10-15 minutes


Draw a Single Window

Choose a style and use the Rectangle R tool to draw a rectangular window.

Multiply the Window with Linear Duplicate

With the window selected, choose Duplicate > Linear from the Geometry Tab. In this example, we make 5 copies offset by 1 unit in the horizontal (X) direction.

Repeat Linear Duplicate

Complete the window array. With all the new window shapes selected, repeat the Linear Duplicate, making 7 copies offset by 1.4 units in the vertical (Y) direction.

Combine Objects

Combine window shapes into a single object. Select all the window shapes and choose Combine > Union in the Geometry Tab.

Skew Windows

Right-click the windows shape and choose Skew > Free then drag the object skew handles. Release to end the operation.

Additional Options

As desired, the windows shape can be “broken apart” into its component shapes that can then be further modified or styled independently. Choose Graphic > Combine > Break Apart from the main menu.