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2016 Artboard 2 Upgrade Pricing

Artboard 2 is a new product release and major upgrade from previous versions of Artboard. It is now available at its standard retail price of $49.99 USD. Upgrading from Artboard 1? Here are our upgrade options:


Artboard 2 is now available on the Mac App Store. You have the option to purchase Artboard 2 on the Mac App Store or transfer your license, see below.

Transfer your Mac App Store license to a Mapdiva Direct license:

Unfortunately, the Mac App Store prevents us from offering traditional upgrade pricing for existing customers. Here’s how you can take advantage of our Mapdiva upgrade pricing for only $29.99:

  1. Please go to the “App Store”
  2. Select “Purchases” and take a screenshot of your Artboard purchase
  3. Email your screenshot to our  for an upgrade coupon.


If you purchased Artboard 1 directly from our web store, please email our  for an off upgrade coupon 40% off the standard retail price of $49.99 USD.


While some developers are leaving the Mac App Store, we are sticking with it. Overall, the Mac App Store has been good to us. Artboard gained terrific exposure being prominently featured, “recommended for education,” and a “staff recommended” app. But more and more it constrains the speed at which we can provide updates, the features we can include, and how well we can offer support. It also still prohibits free trials to let you evaluate our software before making your purchase – something we feel strongly helps you make good purchase decisions. Though the Mac App Store is still a good option, we hope you’ll consider purchasing Artboard 2 directly from us (processed securely through our partners at FastSpring). Ultimately, this gives us the most flexibility and we believe provides you the most benefit.

Mapdiva offers additional purchase options, with up to 50% for educational volume licenses.

If you prefer to purchase directly through the Mac App Store, you’ll still get the same great product as our direct customers.

Thank YOU!

We have worked hard to implement the features that YOU have requested. Whether you’re a long-time Artboard user, or you’re just joining us, thanks choosing Artboard!