A new version of Artboard is available for download. New customers will automatically receive this version (or a later one), but existing customers need to read this page carefully for upgrade instructions. The first version of Artboard this affects is version 2.2.

Due to major changes behind the scenes at Mapdiva, it has been necessary to relist Artboard on the App Store using a new identity, and to update all our internal code signing assets, etc. While a key goal for us was to avoid any disruption to customers, unfortunately these changes have forced a situation where we cannot provide a continuity of updates for existing customers.

Therefore if you are an Artboard 2 customer wishing to receive an update, you will need to take a few extra steps this time around. Once we are over this transition, you will receives future updates normally and smoothly.

Devmate customers. If you bought Artboard 2 through our own store, your order will have been fulfilled by Devmate/Fastspring. To update to version 2.2, you need only redownload the application from here:[Download Artboard]. Quit Artboard if necessary, then double-click the .dmg file and copy Artboard to /Applications. This will overwrite your old copy of Artboard. (If you wish to keep the old one, rename it prior to this step). You can then safely “eject” the .dmg, and continue to work with Artboard. Your existing license codes will continue to work, and future updates will be within the application as usual.

App Store customers. If you bought Artboard 2 through the Apple App Store, the discontinuity is more problematic. For one thing, we do not get customer details passed to us from Apple, so we have no way to contact you unless you volunteered for our mailing list. However, the fact that you are reading this means that you are on the case! Existing App Store customers will not receive an update notification through the App Store app, because to all intents and purposes, Artboard is a new app on the store. Furthermore, Apple do not offer free upgrade coupons, unlike Devmate. So you have several options:

  1. Stick with Artboard un-updated. We’d really rather you didn’t, updates are important for us to get new features and bug fixes to you, and every update is worthwhile. But in the end there is no obligation to update at all.
  2. Re-purchase Artboard 2 on the App Store. Again, we don’t feel it is fair that you have to fork out for the app again, but Apple do not offer any solution to this problem that we can pass on. So that leaves:
  3. Download Artboard directly from our store:[Download Artboard] Then, send proof-of-purchase from the App Store to us here:[] and we will send you a free license coupon. The way this works is that when you purchase Artboard through our store, during the checkout procedure, you can enter the coupon code to have the full cost of the license discounted*. The purchase will complete as normal, but no charge will be made. Proof-of-purchase is as simple as a screen shot from the “Purchases” tab of the App Store app (or in the 10.14 Mojave version onwards, click your own name in the sidebar to show your purchases) showing any earlier version of Artboard 2 (2.1.2 or earlier), OR a screenshot of the “About Artboard” window which shows the version number and App Store version†.
  4. Note that the previous promotion of a discounted upgrade from Artboard 1.x has now come to an end. If you are an Artboard 1.x customer wishing to purchase Artboard 2, you will have to make a new purchase at full price. There is no functional difference between Artboard purchased through our store and the App Store version.

*please note that requesting a coupon after purchasing can’t be used to refund your purchase price. The coupon must be used during checkout, before you are charged.

†to take a screen shot, press command+shift+4 and drag a box over the area to capture, or press the spacebar to highlight the window under the mouse and click to capture the window. Screenshot files are usually placed on the Desktop by default.

Thank-you for continuing to be an Artboard customer, and for bearing with us during this transitional period for the company.

(Info updated: February 2019)