Happy Holidays! Enjoy These Free Seasonal Clip Arts

To close out the year, we are giving away a few of our favorite seasonal clip arts.
To Install
Download and unzip, then do one of the following:
  • Double-click the unzipped ‘December_2014.symlibrary‘ file to automatically launch the app and install, or
  • Within the app, choose Window > Library Manager (CMND-5) and use the Action Menu (looks like a gear) in the lower left of the Library Manager window to choose ‘Import Collection…“.

This clip art set works with both Artboard and Ortelius.

Artboard 1.9.6 Released

Today we release Artboard 1.9.6, a qualified version for use with OS 10.10 “Yosemite.” This version fixes a serious bug that affected outlined/masked text that was introduced with Yosemite, along with a few other minor bug fixes. It is a free update for all existing users.

Get the update through the Mac App Store. For non-Mac App Store version, if you do not have automatic updates activated, choose Artboard > Check For Updates from the main menu.

Please be aware there is a known issue with this release. Apple’s Yosemite has introduced an issue with poor response using pinch zoom gestures on the trackpad. Several other software are reporting this issue as well. We have submitted a report to Apple and hope they will address it soon. In the mean time, we have fine-tuned it as much as possible, but understand pinching to zoom does not give the same satisfactory experience we have had in the past and expect. We are keeping a close eye on this.

Read the complete Release Notes.

Ortelius Users' Showcase


Somewhere an alarm blares and firefighters quickly put on their gear and jump onto a fire engine to rush to the scene of a blaze. In the front cab, a captain uses the radio and fumbles through a more than 100-page binder of addresses to find the exact location of the call.

In a job where one or two minutes can mean the difference between someone living or dying, Cathedral City, CA, Fire Engineer Terry Martin has found a way to shave a few more precious seconds off response times in his city, using maps made in Ortelius and viewed on iPads.

“Before, when we would get a call, we would have to pull out a map (using old-fashioned binders) and navigate to a grid number and then look for a specific address,” he said. “The addresses are so small in the book that bouncing down the road at 2 a.m. and trying to pick out a number or street name when you are half asleep was kind of difficult. Plus, turning on the lights in the cab would make it very difficult to see.”

So Martin customized some iPads they had for his department. He used fire-resistant material that firefighters use for their coats and made a cover for the iPads so that they can resist the desert heat, dust and/or any other danger they may encounter in the front seat of the fire engine. He took all the information from the three-ring binders and combined them into easy to use digital maps. Using Ortelius, Martin built the maps then exported them to PDF so they would be zoomable without loss of resolution. He uses ”PDF Pro” for iPad as the viewing app. The maps, which can be scrolled through with a touch of a few fingers, include hydrant locations, housing-complex layouts and other critical information firefighters need. “We can add whatever we want to these maps, from trash shoots to exit points,” he noted.

Now, the devices are being used in every paramedic truck, fire engine and chief’s vehicle that the Cathedral City Fire Department has in service. Cathedral City Fire Chief Robert Van Nortrick said the digital mapping lets his firefighters find addresses faster and the devices are much easier to use than the bulky binders of the past.

Martin, a 24-year veteran on the job, was twice honored as the Cathedral City Fire Department “Firefighter of the Year” at the 17th and 18th annual Peace Officer and Public Safety Awards in Palm Desert.

See more examples of this project in the Ortelius Users’ Showcase.

2015 Map Competition Announced

The Cartography and Geographic Information Society (CaGIS) Annual Map Competition is under way. Cartographers and mapmakers in the United States and Canada are invited to submit their maps to one of the following categories:

  • Reference – A map whose objective is to show the location of a variety of different features.
  • Thematic – A map whose objective is to illustrate a theme or the relationship among several themes.
  • Book & Atlas – Atlases and books use original maps as the primary or significant communication device.
  • Recreation & Travel – A map designed to assist readers in recreation or travel.
  • Interactive & Digital – A map designed for digital media; it should include some sort of interactivity or animation.
  • Other – A map that does not fit into any other category (e.g., globes, art pieces).

Last year, Ortelius cartographer Rhonda Lerner was awarded Honorable Mention for her map, “Rhonda’s Centro Histórico Guide & Street Map of San Miguel de Allende” in this prestigious competition.
Submissions are due February 1st, 2015. The online submission form and further directions are available at www.cartogis.org/awards/contest.php.
(Note, Mapdiva is not affiliated with this competition.)