Do’s, Don’ts & Wish I Had’s at the Office

Is it worth the cost of a few cups of coffee to get some real world career advice to help you rise above the rest? You bet it is! Mark Mason’s latest eBook, “Do’s, Don’ts & Wish I Had’s at the Office“, provides much needed help in management, leadership and business.

Maybe you’ve just started your first professional job and there’s many questions you can’t ask the boss. Perhaps you’re giving a presentation next week at a big conference. Chills are probably going up and down your spine just thinking about it! Have you been asked to go to meetings of questionable value? What does it take to run a tight meeting and get significant things done?

Perhaps you’ve been recently promoted. Do you have subordinates and is performance assessment time breathing down your neck? If so, you have an important obligation to your direct-reports. What are you going to do?

You’ve been asked to complete a huge assignment in a very short timeframe. How can you negotiate the deliverable and due date? What about some unsavory characters who masquerade as coworkers? How can you navigate through fields of office poopie?

All these and many more questions are addressed in this entertaining eBook that provides much needed help. Real life anecdotes are included at no extra charge. Don’t waste time, download this eBook now and start reading right away!

About the Author
Mark Mason has 30-years of management experience, predominantly in Information Technology. He was a District Manager at a major telecommunications company where he designed and implemented many apps for use by a large number of folks. Mr. Mason has presented to audiences of all sizes, and has given talks to management, including high-level executives. Mr. Mason used Artboard to help illustrate some of the book’s concepts.

Artboard 1.9.4 Released

Today Mapdiva announces the availability of Artboard 1.9.4. New in this release:

• New ‘Very Fine’ smoothness setting for the Freehand Path tool is added to the Artboard > Preferences.
• ‘Ultra Fine’ drawing mode added for detailed drawing with the Freehand Path tool (for example, while zoomed-in). Hold down the Option-key while drawing with this tool.

• Multiscreen crash while moving a document to another screen.
• Crash entering Versions Browser.
• Single text box handles multiple text styles without getting overwritten by a single text style.
• Ungrouping a text box having multiple text styles getting overwritten by a single text style.
• Ungrouping a text box having bidirectional text (e.g., Arabic) getting overwritten by a single text style.
• High-resolution images becoming lower resolution after editing.

Artboard is a full-featured graphics design app for creating vector drawings and illustrations. Design logos, posters, floor plans, technical drawings, fun fashions, web graphics, and more. Unlike pixel-based images, vector graphics are composed of editable objects that are infinitely scalable. Artboard 1.9.4 is a free update recommended for all users.