Artboard 1.9.1 Released

Today we released a minor update to Artboard 1.9. A bug with rough strokes not being updated when working with certain objects was fixed. A bug with opening files containing invalid objects ignoring other content was fixed.

Ortelius 1.9 Released

Today, we released the latest version of Ortelius. The headline feature is massive performance improvements, especially when working with very large files. Ortelius 1.9 provides numerous bug fixes and adopts a modern, flatter appearance. It is a free update for all existing users.

What’s New
  • Major performance improvement when drawing. Gains are particularly noticeable on very large projects with thousands of objects.
  • Major performance improvement when reading and writing files – 60x to 100x improved, depending on content.
  • Major performance improvement when closing documents. Particularly noticeable on very large projects – closing a document is now near instantaneous, regardless of its complexity.
  • Opening large files now shows a progress dialog if the operation will take more than a few seconds. However with the performance improvement above, this will only be seen rarely. Multiple files can now be opened concurrently.
  • Added ‘Default User Collection’ to Library Manager menu. This nominates the collection used by default for added styles and symbols.
  • Template Browser will reflect changes made outside the application (e.g. in Finder) live in the browser.
  • Symbol Stamp tool now has command-click pick-up of any symbol, giving it the same convenience as other tools.
  • Style component transforms are now implemented using a new style group type, rather than having transforms directly supported by only certain components. This allows transforms to be applied to all components, either singly or in sets. This is a much more flexible and performant approach. Previous uses of individual component transforms are automatically migrated to this design.
  • Preferences can now be reset/deleted directly within the app by option-clicking the Preferences menu item.
  • Improvements to full screen support.
Bug Fixes
  • Hit-testing of text items in groups had a bug making text only clickable where it rendered an actual pixel. In addition, rotated or scaled groups were not taking the transform into account when hit-testing. These bugs added up to difficulty in selecting text for editing when embedded in a group.
  • Library migration tool was throwing an exception, causing problems when upgrading from version 1.0 or earlier.
  • Some further bugfixes with bad values causing graphics errors on 10.9. This could prevent some files from opening. Objects are now validated when a file is opened and invalid ones are removed automatically.
  • Pan (Hand) tool now operates correctly even if active layer is locked.
  • Errors arising while importing a shapefile are now correctly reported on the main thread.
  • Scalebar title will now update from map scale if it’s changed.
  • Cloning a style on a track with a linear selection now does the expected thing – the style within the selection is changed and edited by the Style Inspector. In addition, using Linear Select on a multi-styled track displays the style under the selection in the SI for editing.
  • Style components can now be deleted from within a rasterizer group directly.
  • Older archives having terminated tracks did not suppress the drawing of the terminator when it was connected to a parent track. The effect was that the terminator showed on top of the junction. This has been fixed.
  • Rough strokes are now properly updated when flipping a path.
  • “Show in Library Manager” greyed out for items in the the temporary document collection, which does not appear in the LM.
  • Clicking in another window (such as a palette) during path creation no longer creates a path point that has wildly incorrect values. Instead the resulting event is ignored.
  • Autoscrolling now disabled for pan tool which eliminates juddery scrolling at the edges of the view.
  • Older documents that have a prescale value of 0% or have the information missing are now opened with a prescale value of 100%.
  • Documents containing large numbers (thousands or more) of sequenceable symbols no longer cause extensive delays when opening the file.
  • Other minor fixes.
Other Changes
  • Exporting a collection now sets the default filename for the to the library name, instead of “untitled”.
  • A flatter appearance for several UI elements has been adopted, such as toolbar buttons, section headers and the title header for the Layers sidebar.
  • Editing of styles in use by a symbol are now undoable.
  • Default drawing size changed to give an exact number of whole kilometre squares at the default scale. This is now 15 x 11km at 1:25,000, with a 2+2cm margin.
  • Watermarks for Education and Beta editions changed to use Zapfino font since previously used font is no longer available on 10.9 by default.
  • Double-clicking a scale bar opens the Object Inspector on the “Features” tab which edits SB parameters.