Cocktail Slide Charts – A Kickstarter Project Designed Entirely in Artboard

Kickstarter project “Cocktail Slide Charts” mixes sweet design, cool graphics, and at-your-fingertips information in a tight package – designed entirely with Artboard vector drawing software for Mac OS X. Cocktail Slide Charts are cocktail recipes at your fingertips on fun to use and liquid resistant slide charts.


Project developer Bryan Sweeney of Vancouver, WA, describes how he used Artboard’s layered graphics to manage this graphically complex project. “I just thought I’d share with you my Cocktail Slide Charts Kickstarter Project. I created the entire design using Artboard! I was able to create all 3 slide charts with just 2 files. Each of the files has many layers that I turned on and off to export the correct images for each slide chart. It worked out really slick,” wrote Bryan. The design makes use use of Artboard’s gradient fills, layered graphics, advanced text layout, and fully editable vector graphics. “Thanks for an awesome program at a reasonable price!” 

Check out the project on Kickstarter to view all the images that show the front and back of the external case of the slide charts and give you an idea of which slide charts include which recipes. These Cocktail Slide Charts might just be perfect for your next cocktail party.

Do you have a project you’ve designed with Artboard? If so, drop us a line – we’d love to see it!