Artboard 1.7 Promotes “Shared” Styles as Power Feature

Shared styles are truly powerful, but we realize not everyone is comfortable with using them. So, how do we simplify the workflow while still letting power-users take advantage of shared styles? We make shared styles even more powerful… by putting YOU in control of when to use them.

Style sharing is still available, but is now disabled by default. This has a profound effect on workflow: every object you draw will automatically have its own copy of the style in use, so it can be freely changed and modified without affecting any other object. Shared styles can be re-enabled in the user Preferences.

When shared styles are enabled, advanced users can take advantage of styles that cascade across objects. Create three objects in a row, and they will share the same style; adjust the style and the change will automatically cascade across all three. In this way, changes to styles across multiple objects can be made very quickly and efficiently. You can break the style link between successive objects by clicking “Reset” to reset to the default style, or “Clone” to create a new style based on the one currently in use.

To enable shared styles, go to Artboard > Preferences… Edit tab and check the box to “Enable shared styles.” Optionally, check “Styles are sharable by default” to have new styles that you create automatically have the shared setting active (this was the default behavior of Artboard 1.0-1.6). If you’ve used Artboard version 1.6 or prior and have existing styles that you want to continue to be shared, activate this setting in the Artboard Preferences pane.

Artboard Seen at Apple 2012 Keynote Event

Artboard makes a cameo appearance at the October 2012 Apple Keynote event while Phil Schiller introduces the completely awesome new Retina-display MacBooks. What an honor to be seen among so many truly great apps!