Artboard and Apple Sandboxing

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As you may be aware, Apple recently began enforcing sandboxing rules on the Mac App Store. We think it is important to let you know how this affects Artboard.

We will shortly be releasing an upgrade to Artboard, version 1.6 through the Mac App Store. To comply with Apple’s requirements, we have implemented “sandboxing” within Artboard. For most users no change will be noticed, but is worth understanding the potential implications of this BEFORE you upgrade. Read more »

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Available on the Mac App Store

Our Thoughts on the Mac App Store

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The Mac App Store launched Jan. 6 and promises to be a great thing for Mac users. That the Mac App Store makes software license installation all but disappear, offers convenient multi-Mac licenses, and effortless one-click installation and updates is hard to ignore. Then there is discoverability. Here is a tweet that pretty much sums it up for us… “From the Mac App Store: Artboard – a vector drawing app I never would have seen otherwise.” Read more »


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