Ortelius Reviews

We’re thrilled to see Ortelius gaining attention around the world. But don’t take it from us, hear what others are saying…

The Kleper Report on Digital Publishing 2013 “For its features, ease of use, and reasonable price, Ortelius is a best-in-class selection.”


2011 Swipe Design Award: BEST MAC APPLICATION!


Ortelius made my final project not only doable but enjoyable

This program single-handedly saved my skin this past semester. I was taking a course on History & Cartography, and… I found it easy to use but also felt it brought out the creativity. Onward, onward, onward! – Rosendo Flores

Ortelius is the best program ever

So after 2 weeks of struggling in Illustrator… Wow. It only took me a few hours to complete what has (unsuccessfully) taken me weeks to accomplish. Well worth it!!! Dan Ludington (from Digital Iconoclasm)

2nd Purchase

Now using it for engineering flow drawings at work! - Deborah S.

Apple Staff Pick!


p.s. Love the product by the way ;-)

- Rupert W.

I love Ortelius…

It is running better than I thought a mapping program like this would. It is easy to use and very helpful to my military map projects. – David E.

This is the best cartography tool…

…I have seen in a long time and look forward to its evolution. – Dr. Arthur Busbey

About This Particular Macintosh “Mapdiva has a winner on its hand… There are some Mac map-making programs out there, but none in the price range or that possess the features found in Ortelius… If you have a mapping need, Ortelius makes an excellent choice.” ATPM Rating = Excellent

Cooler than you realize

I’ve tried many times to use [other] vector images… and they are just too much to buy, and too much to work with. The fact that you allow the user to draw roads and more, is cooler than you realize! – Brian K. James

Ortelius is a brilliant application

Before all else, Ortelius is a brilliant application, especially for OS X. – Tom Snyder, author Route 66 Traveler’s Guide & Roadside Companion

Softpedia“If you like drawing maps, or you do this at the office on a regular basis, be sure to use or just give Ortelius a try. You may find that even the most difficult maps can be created in a record time with no headaches… I truly recommend this program. Give it a try and you won’t be disappointed.” Editor’s Rating = 4-stars

Some of the features I love

Some of the features I love including smart intersections and linear selection. These are many things I struggle with Adobe Illustrator on a daily basis. – James M.

Thanks for bringing a decent cartography program to the Mac!

- Chris B.

All I can say is WOW!!!

The enhanced learning-demo templates are fantastic. I got to playing with the features… and I had been “playing” for almost 4 hours. Once again thank you for this great enhancement. – Daniel Freeman, Ed.D.

Thanks for developing a very exciting new software.

- Greg S.

graphics.com “Mapdiva follows in their footsteps by keeping Ortelius simple, and the price low, but wisely differentiates it with an emphasis on map creation.”

Great product!

I wish you and your company the best, and hope to see Ortelius mature into a ripe and delicious truffle of gourmet software. – Tomas

Graphic Design & Publishing Center “While Ortelius is specifically for map illustions, we can see that this vector-based drawing and cartographic design program has a world of possibilities for many other applications as well… for a 3rd the cost of Illustrator!”


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