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Ortelius Introduction

PlayOrtelius Overview (video 02:00)

Ortelius is vector-based map illustration software for Mac OS X. This video provides a 2-minute overview of the Ortelius software.

Getting Started with Ortelius

PlayUsing Map Templates (video 03:06)

Ortelius is loaded with a broad selection of royalty-free world, continent, and country map templates to customize and make your own.

Building a Hand Drawn Map (Written Tutorial)

Custom maps help to communicate the right message to your audience. Place an existing map in Ortelius and tracing over it using the Ortelius cartography tools.

Importing Shapefiles (Written Tutorial)

Professionals often use digital mapping software called “geographic information systems” (GIS) to manage and analyze mapped data. These data, in the form of Shapefiles*, can be imported from other sources into Ortelius’ drawing space (with limitations – georeferencing and re-projection are not supported).

PlayDrawing Roads (video 03:25)

Learn how to draw roads with smooth junctions and labels using Ortelius’ unique cartography tools.

PlayCalibrating Scale (video 01:22)

Create scaled drawings in Ortelius using the Drawing Setup menu. This video shows how to calibrate the scale directly from your source map.

Cartography Tutorials

  • Ortelius: Best Practices for Editing Track Networks Ortelius isn't your ordinary graphics design application – it is specially designed to make creating custom map graphics easier. One way in which Ortelius does this is through its special cartography tools, particularly connectable tracks. This guide is o...
  • 3 Methods to Export Your Graphics as CMYK In this tutorial we present three ways to use the Mac OS X ColorSync color management system to generate CMYK color space graphics from your exported Artboard and Ortelius graphics. Color is Complicated! Even for experts, color management ...
  • Oh, The Places You've Been! Working With Ortelius Map Templates Ortelius delivers with dozens of world, region, and country outline templates. Using styles, symbols, and labels, these maps are easily customized. We'll create a map from start-to-finish that shows the states we've visited. Find out how to modify any tem...
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