Ortelius has everything you need to draw your own custom maps.


Loaded with a broad selection of royalty-free maps fully editable vector outline maps of the world, continents, regions, and several countries ready to make your own.

Choose from templates, use your own existing (GIS) map data (without georeferencing), or make custom-scaled map graphics — you have the flexibility to decide.

Map Making Tools

cartography map drawing toolsOrtelius invites you to be creative. Over 20 tools for selecting, drawing, and navigation offer maximum cartographic versatility. Thanks to Ortelius’ swift object editing, you can move shapes, adjust curves, add intelligent labels, rotate directly, and add or remove vertices along your paths with ease.

Roads and river bends are not points and straight line segments, draw them as they were meant to be with flowing Bezier curves. With connectable tracks, roads know how they connect to each other and junctions are drawn properly, fully automatically. If it needs moving, all of its connector roads move with it, maintaining junctions as it goes.

Introducing Linear Select. Need to insert a bridge? Highlight the road and insert one. Linear select gives you “just-right positioning” of labels, image adornments, and much more. Now, that’s handy.

Drawing Software for Map Design

Ortelius cartography software makes map design easy. Whether you need to show your location, study area, service territories, neighborhood, trends, news, or world, Ortelius has everything you need to draw your own custom maps.

Ortelius software is named after one of history’s most prominent cartographers, Abraham Ortelius.

Styles & Symbols

create map symbolFinally, produce gorgeous maps using the full power of Quartz imaging. Everything is pin-sharp and anti-aliased. Ortelius map making software comes with hundreds of sensational map symbols — all fully scalable vector graphics. For those who don’t like to hold back, you have the creative license you deserve. With a striking choice of colors, fills, strokes, and adornments you can assemble unlimited style and symbol combinations.


cartography textOrtelius gives you amazing flexibility for text editing and label placement. Ortelius introduces what-you-see-is-what-you-get map labeling. Intelligent labels understand underlying cartographic feature attributes. You have to see it to believe it.


Ortelius’ Symbols Palette is loaded with “Color Regions” based on ColorBrewer color ramps that are proven for mapping. Of course, you can select from millions of colors using the Apple Colors panel.

Ortelius uses calibrated color throughout for repeatable results that will satisfy the most exacting professional print standards. Play with beautiful color combinations and gradients to create styles and symbols that let your map soar.

Free Trial Download

The trial is a fully functional watermarked version of the software.


  • Over 20 tools for drawing lines, curves, shapes, text and navigating
  • Advanced cartography tools and Linear Select
  • Direct intelligent labeling with attributes
  • WYSIWYG drawing and editing
  • Set drawing size, units, and scale
  • Style & Symbol palette
  • Style Inspector
  • Fonts palette
  • Colors palette
  • Image Browser
  • Map graphics support attribute information
  • Advanced Boolean operators to make complex objects (union, intersect, difference, append and cookie cutter)
  • Rulers, guides, index grid, automatic graph paper
  • Scale and measure
  • Search and select by visible text; advance select; select all, select others; new layer from selection
  • Convert objects to-and-from paths, shapes, and connectable paths, path outlines, and text objects
  • Layers, layer groups and layers management menu
  • Import .jpg, .bmp, .gif, .png, .tif, and .pdf image graphics (static image PDF); SVG 1.1
  • Export .tif, layered multi-.tif, .jpg, .png supporting resolutions from 72 to 600–dpi and fully scalable .pdf (editable vector PDF)
  • Page and poster–tiled printing

Made for Mac
  • Native Cocoa application
  • Deep Mac OS X integration via technologies such as ColorSync, Quick Look, Spotlight, Apple Fonts palette, Apple Colors palette, and drag–and–drop

System Requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.7+ (Lion or later)
  • Core Image supported graphics card
  • 2 GHz Intel processor
  • Recommended
  • 2+ button scroll mouse
  • Pen Tablet Support (optional)
  • Freedom to hand-draw your map — a simple, easy, and fun way to harness your creativity
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