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Designed to Make Custom Map Creation Easier.


    Ortelius introduces super smart tools made for mapping that speed-up the process of manual map making, plus a full graphics suite to support your creativity.


    Ortelius is used to create custom map graphics. From city guides to personal projects, see how others are using Ortelius.


    The Style Editor is used to create and edit expert “stacked” styles, comprised of various style components, such as cased roads and pattern fills. Perfect for mapping.


    Over 1700+ royalty-free vector map styles & symbols that you can customize to make your own.

Not Your Ordinary Graphics Design Application.

Unique cartography tools specialize in simplifying those tedious little graphic tasks that make manual map design a challenge.

These Tools Are Smart.

Flowing Paths

Straight, curved and freehand paths with fully editable points and handles.ortl-flowing

"Smart" Shapes

The most advanced smart objects give complete control to modify shapes and paths.

Easy to draw vector shapes Ortelius for OS X

Beautiful Text

Crisp text, flexible styles, and text on path – it’s typography to your hearts delight.ortl-label-style

Quartz Imaging

Use the full power of Quartz imaging – pin-sharp and anti-aliased.

Object Attributes

Feature information stored behind each object.

Calibrated Colors

Repeatable results that will satisfy the most exacting standards.

Drawing Tools

Over 20 tools offer maximum cartographic versatility.

Connectable Tracks

With our connectable Tracks, roads know how they connect to each other and junctions are drawn properly, fully automatically. Create automatic junctions where roads intersect with ease. If it needs moving, all of its connector roads move with it, maintaining junctions as it goes.

  • Automatic junctions
  • Overlay and in-line styles
  • Special features, such as bridges, tunnels, cutting and embankments
  • Magic Roundabouts
  • Linear feature labels
  • Smooth style transitions
  • Dash synchronization on connected tracks

Linear Select

Using our unique Linear Select tool, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to insert special objects along linear Track features. Insert bridges, tunnels, embankments, “magic Roundabouts” and more. Love the “just-right positioning” for labels.

Now that’s handy.

Expert Stacked Styles

With a striking choice of colors, fills, strokes, and adornments you can assemble unlimited style and symbol combinations.

Build your own expert styles, such as cased roads with hatches, dashes and dots, pattern fills, and tapering strokes.

Label with Style

Point, area, and linear labels provide amazing flexibility for text editing and label placement. Features can be labeled on-the-fly, or using saved attributes.

Global Styles

Global styles cascade across multiple objects and save time and effort. Want your roads purple? Your states a different shade of green?

With shared styles, changes apply to many objects at once.

Styles & Symbols

Ortelius includes over 1700  royalty-free map symbols and style — all fully scalable vector graphics. Plus a library to store your own.

Scale Bar & Index Grid

Choose from preset and custom map scales, or interactively calibrate map scale based on known features in your map.

The Ortelius index grid and graph paper are fully customizable in color and design.

Map Templates

Dozens of world, region, country outline templates.


How Will You Use Ortelius?

  • City Guides

    Sometimes the perfect map just doesn’t exist – read more to see how map makers use Ortelius to create a custom tour map.

  • Book Illustrations

    A map is worth a thousand words, and Ortelius helps authors illustrate their books in maps.

  • Historical Mapping

    History changes our landscape. Ortelius is a perfect tool for mapping the historical context.

  • Personal Projects & More

    Ortelius is perfect for personal projects ranging from genealogy, to historic map reproduction, to school projects, to land cover mapping.


Powered by our very own graphics engine. Supported by the worlds most advanced Mac OS.


Advanced image & filter technology


Saves drawings as you make changes


Makes graphics editing faster


Crisp high resolution display


One click to share your designs


Maximize drawings & reduce clutter


Ensures accurate color graphics


Adds snapshots to drawings


Made for Mac. Ortelius is even more powerful and efficient thanks to OS X. Ortelius’ flexible interface and drawing engine are fully optimized for Retina display. Take advantage of every display connected to your Mac with the Multiple Displays support. Locate and organize your Ortelius drawings quickly using the new Tags feature. Deep OS X integration via technologies such as ColorSync, Quick Look, Spotlight, Apple Fonts palette, Apple Colors palette, and drag–and–drop.

Cartography Tutorials

Design tutorials covering a wide range of topics, such as special style effects for digitally handmade  maps. Many tutorials include free sample files.

Fully Documented

Explore Ortelius from start to finish. Every drawing app feature and function is fully documented in our on-line User Guide.

Ortelius made my final project not only doable but enjoyable

This program single-handedly saved my skin this past semester. I was taking a course on History & Cartography, and… I found it easy to use but also felt it brought out the creativity. Onward, onward, onward!

Rosendo Flores

Ortelius is the best program ever

So after 2 weeks of struggling in Illustrator… Wow. It only took me a few hours to complete what has (unsuccessfully) taken me weeks to accomplish. Well worth it!!!

Dan LudingtonDigital Iconoclasm

2nd Purchase

Now using it for engineering flow drawings at work!

Deborah S.

I love Ortelius… It is running better than I thought a mapping program like this would. It is easy to use and very helpful to my military map projects.

David E.

This is the best cartography tool… I have seen in a long time and look forward to its evolution.

Dr. Arthur BusbeyGeology Program Coordinator, Texas Christian University


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Ortelius Swipe Design Award

Award Winning

Mapdiva is the proud recipient of the “Best Mac Application”  at the 2011 Swipe Design Awards for our Ortelius cartography software.



Starting at $99.99 USD (or equivalent). Academic and volume licensing is available.

System Requirements:
  • OS X 10.7+ (Lion or later)
  • Core Image supported graphics card
  • 2 GHz Intel processor
  • 2+ button scroll mouse (recommended)
  • Facetime / iSight camera (required for Picture Taker feature)
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