Vector Tutorials


Create Scrapbook Styles for Fun Spring-time Graphics

A scrapbook style is characterized by a wide outline around your graphic in the color of paper – as if the graphic were cut out by scissors. The key to this style is adding a wide stroke to show underneath the shape’s silhouette. Artboard’s advanced Style Inspector makes easy work of these fun scrapbook styles. Read more »


Create Letterpress Vector Style

Use the Style Inspector along with Artboard’s new transform settings to create a popular letterpress vector style treatment. It’s super easy to apply the style to type and other shapes. Read more »


How to Make Fun Festive Bubbles

These festive bubbles are super fun and really easy to create. Overlapping objects with semi-transparent fill styles make great backgrounds for text and stand-out graphics. For users who want to advance their skills, this tutorial is packed with tips for quickly creating new objects, picking colors, and editing styles. Read more »


3 Methods to Export Your Graphics as CMYK

In this tutorial we present three ways to use the Mac OS X ColorSync color management system to generate CMYK color space graphics from your exported Artboard and Ortelius graphics. Read more »

Image Mask Crop in Artboard OS 10.8

How To Mask and Crop Images with Complex Objects

Artboard 1.6+ makes it easy to mask and crop your images with complex vector objects. Here’s how… Read more »

A close up of the compass vectors.

Deconstructing a Detailed Vector Icon

We needed a fully vectorized version of our app icon so we recreated the original artwork using Artboard. Our icon is pretty detailed, so I thought I’d share the process of creating it. Our original (a raster version) was placed on the bottom layer for tracing. This isn’t a formal tutorial, but I sure hope you enjoy seeing how it was done! (See the photos on Facebook) Read more »

How to make a typography graphic for your website

How to Create a Typography Graphic Using Artboard

In this Vimeo video demonstrates how to create a simple graphic for your blog or website using Artboard for the Mac. Lisa uses different fonts, typography techniques, and self-created chevron stripes for a new report cover. Enjoy! Read more »


How to Trace Over a Photo in Artboard

Tracing over photographs and scanned pictures is a time-tested technique to create vector art work, such as logos and icons. In this tutorial we show you step-by-step how to add a photo to your drawing canvas and trace over it with the Bezier Path tool. Read more »


How to Create Swirling Paths of Bubbles in Artboard

Artboard gives you the power to create advanced styles that go way beyond simple fill and stroke. Here we show a simple way to create paths of bubbles for using under water or to float through the air. Read more »


Creating a Colorful Kaleidoscope Pattern in Artboard

This geometric pattern looks like mosaic tiles blooming into an intricate flower pattern. Inspired by the hip textiles of Verner Panton, this awesome design is made up of squares, increasing in size as they move outwards and creating an abstract, kaleidoscope-like form. One of the cool things about it is it’s deceptively simple to create using Artboard’s Polar Duplicate function. Find out how. Read more »

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