Artboard 2 Upgrade Pricing

Artboard is available to purchase on the App Store, or directly from us. The product is functionally identical, though purchasing and updates are handed differently. The choice is yours, but we prefer you to purchase from our store. Here’s why:

  • The update procedure is simpler, both for you as a customer and for us as developers.
  • We get much better customer statistics, which make it much easier to serve you.
  • We can be far more flexible offering discounts and alternative licensing options.
  • The product costs less on our store.

Version 1 upgrade

The previous Version 1 upgrade offer has now come to an end.

Version 2.1 App Store upgrade.

Due to changes to Mapdiva itself, we recently (Feb 2019) had to relist Artboard on the App Store as a new product, with new code signing and a new identity. This was due to inflexibility on Apple’s side. Unfortunately we are not Microsoft, and they were not prepared to help us ensure customer continuity. Therefore existing customers who purchased Artboard 2 on the App Store will no longer automatically receive update notifications. Nor can we contact you directly to let you know about this, because Apple do not give us your details (you can start to see why we set up an alternative store!) So if you are an App Store customer, you may be eligible for a free upgrade. See this page for more details.

Thank YOU!

We have worked hard to implement the features that YOU have requested. Whether you’re a long-time Artboard user, or you’re just joining us, thanks choosing Artboard!