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Build beautiful layered illustrations.

Owl in the City Landscape vector Artboard drawing

Design crisp, scalable vector graphics.

For print.

And screen.

For new and experienced creatives.

Simple, direct controls.

Rich, responsive functionality.

Everything within reach.


Design & Illustration App for Drawing Creative Vector Graphics.

Artboard vector drawing app for Mac OS X
  • Super Smart Drawing Tools

    “Live” adjust all vector shapes, paths, and curves. No digging through menus to find edit commands. Keep your attention where it belongs – on your drawing canvas.

  • More Powerful Style Editor

    Go way beyond simple stroke and fill styles of basic illustration software. Artboard’s Style Editor is used to create and edit awesomely expert “stacked” styles.

  • Timesaving Workflows

    Advanced print and export options. Global styles that cascade across multiple objects save time and effort; changes apply to many objects at once.

  • Editable Clip Art & Styles

    Includes over 1900 royalty-free fully editable clip art and graphic styles to customize and make your own.

How People Use Artboard

A few of the ways in which Artboard supports your creativity.

Small Business

Home & School

App Development


Spend more time creating, less time trying to find elusive features.

These Tools Are Smart.

Flowing Paths

Straight, curved and freehand paths with fully editable points and handles.

flowing paths

"Smart" Shapes

The most advanced smart objects give complete control of shapes and paths.

Easy to draw vector shapes Artboard for OS X

Beautiful Text

Crisp text, flexible styles, and text on path – it’s typography to your hearts delight.beautiful typography

Fully Documented

Explore Artboard from start to finish. Every drawing app feature and function is fully documented in our on-line User Guide.

Graphic Design Tutorials

Design tutorials that cover a wide range of topics, such as adding special effects to your drawing. Most tutorials include free sample files.

Don‘t take our word for it. Here’s what Artboard users have to say…

“Easy to learn and use. Love the styles and art you’ve included. The online-learning resources  (and support) are superb.

Doug Garfieldpersonal communication

“The interface is smooth, simple and uncluttered… I have Adobe Illustrator but find it slow to load and cumbersome sometimes, I can see me using Artboard more often than not.”

GrippleSpideras seen on the Mac App Store United Kingdom

“It’s always a delight when you realize that there aren’t a lot of controls to have to manipulate, but there’s a lot of things you can do.”

Gradenkoas seen on the Mac App Store U.S.

“Finding Artboard was such a relief… I tried my hand at Illustrator but found it to be too complex, way above my needs, and far beyond my skill level.”

Lisa Jocobsfrom

“These [other] tools do much more than I need… Artboard has most of the features I need and I was able to get crisp looking icons and images with no fuss. It’s a great time saver!”

MacCoder1991as seen on the Mac App Store U.S.

“It also handles certain tasks with a such finesse that pros will likely also be interested in checking it out… stark contrast to Adobe Illustrator’s convention that calls for a different tool for every function.”


“Out of the ones I’ve tried Artboard came first by far. It has a large scale of features, it is extremely intuitive, very easy to master and very flexible.”

shyartas seen on the Mac App Store Israel

“This is what vector drawing should be. It’s simple to the point of not getting in the way of creativity but complex enough to compete with any vector package out there.”

Philip Thornas seen on the Mac App Store U.S.

“The only limit is your imagination… This app simply put is amazing! I had a chance to create a number of illustrations… I used Artboard it seemed like and it was a simple task.”

Peter Zalewskias seen on the Mac App Store U.S.


Surprisingly rich toolset in such a nice tidy package.

Easy. Clear. Powerful Results.

Advanced workflows to Print, Export and Share your drawing.


Export individually selected objects as separate files.


Export your entire drawing with currently visible layers.


Export one or many layers as separate files.


Export one or many predefined areas as separate files.

Color Space

Design for print and screen sRGB, RGB, CMYK and more.


Export at your desired image resolution from 72 to 600 dpi.


Export multiple scales, such as 200% for Retina graphics.


Export selected formats support transparent backgrounds.


Print poster tile large drawings over multiple sheets of paper.

Export vector-based PDF files guarantees perfect quality for every graphic, no matter what size you need it to be.

Mapdiva's PDF Icon
Mapdiva PNG icon
Export TIF Graphics with Mapdiva Software

Powerful enough for your everyday drawing needs…

“Here is the ONE feature that sold me: linear and polar duplication. It’s a must-have timesaving feature that other “basic” vector drawing apps sorely lack!”

preventRobotas seen on the Mac App Store U.S.

“Artboard scored well in all of our rating categories – Features, Tools, Usability and Help & Support – with the most overall offerings of any product on our list.”

TopTenREVIEWS2013 & 2014 Gold Award

“The Polygon tool is particularly slick – something you won’t find in Illustrator. …the app’s speed and responsiveness is often complemented by smart techniques for interacting with objects.”


“I’ve used several vector apps from Illustrator to Inscape and mostly Raven of the Aviary suite. Artboard is right on… Very Intuitive, powerful and rich.”

ofserenityas seen on the Mac App Store U.S.

“I don’t feel I have scratched the surface… underneath there is a very solid, extremely well-designed vector drawing application with all of the capabilities that one would expect.”

green_knightas seen on the Mac App Store United Kingdom

“thought at first to be a very simple graphic program to support my basic needs… keeps surprising me at every turn with what it is capable of”

BeVerbalas seen on the Mac App Store U.S.


Freedom to unleash your creative genius.

Includes over 1900 fully editable vector clipart and styles

Plus a library to store your own.

Artboard 2 collection Material color swatches
Artboard 2 editable vector clip art collection flat shapes
Artboard 2 collection home planning landscape
Artboard 2 collection gradients fancy fills
Artboard 2 collection pictographs
Artboard 2 collection states countries regions
Artboard 2 collection people factory
Artboard 2 collection brushes pens markers
Artboard 2 collection nature
Artboard 2 collection flags of the world
Artboard 2 collection Color Brewer diverging colors
Artboard 2 collection buildings landmarks
Artboard 2 collection basic strokes fills
Artboard 2 collection speech bubbles
Artboard 2 collection holidays occasions

Artboard is a joy to use…

“What else does Mapdiva provide that the other “draw” guys don’t? A website loaded with support and training such as User Forums and Artboard Training…”

preventRobotas seen on the Mac App Store U.S.

“I’ve really enjoyed using Artboard as a fun drawing program – the clipart and styles really appeal to me… I find Artboard to be a great little Gem that I’ve really enjoyed using artistically.”

Jack Fruhas seen on the Mac App Store United States

“I’ll keep this short & sweet: Artboard is a great drawing program will tons of features.… will be a program I’ll continue to use for many months (and probably years) to come.”

Kyle Thompsonas seen on the Mac App Store U.S.

“absolutely astonishing! Wow! Wonderfully simple. I use a lot of vector based graphics programs and this is hands down the best!”

Stan Verschuureas seen on the Mac App Store Netherlands

“This application is great for super quick and easy graphics, and there are plenty of tools that you would find on more expensive vector programs.”

andikmas seen on the Mac App Store Australia

“The combination of a solid app plus the included clip arts create a perfect combination for someone who wants to doodle around or create seriously nice illustraions.”

Peter Zalewskias seen on the Mac App Store U.S.

“Artboard is a lot of fun. It comes with funky templates, plenty of clipart, and it’s easy to mess about and create fun illustrations.”

green_knightas seen on the Mac App Store United Kingdom

“The drag-n-drop libarary is beautifully done, the style objects are easily modifiable… the PDF export maintains layers and shapes pretty nicely. This is a Fun Fun App!”

Philip Thornas seen on the Mac App Store U.S.

OS X El Capitan & MacOS Sierra

Powered by our very own graphics engine. Supported by the worlds most advanced Mac OS X.


Advanced image & filter technology


Saves drawings as you make changes


Makes graphics editing faster


Crisp high resolution display


One click to share your designs


Maximize drawings & reduce clutter


Ensures accurate color graphics


Adds snapshots to drawings


Artboard is made for Mac – and now it’s is even more powerful and efficient thanks to OS X. Artboard’s flexible interface and drawing engine are fully optimized for Retina display. Take advantage of every display connected to your Mac with the Multiple Displays support. Locate and organize your Artboard drawings quickly using the new Tags feature. Deep OS X integration via technologies such as ColorSync, Quick Look, Spotlight, Apple Fonts palette, Apple Colors palette, and drag–and–drop.

Artboard Drawing App MacLife rated Great

Artboard Gold Award

Award Winning

2013, 2014

Artboard is 2-time recipient of the Gold award for ‘Best Mac Drawing App’ from TopTen Reviews.

System Requirements

  • OS X 10.9+ (Mavericks or later)
  • Core Image supported graphics card
  • 2 GHz Intel processor
  • 2+ button scroll mouse (recommended)
  • Facetime / iSight camera (required for Picture Taker feature)
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