Artboard has everything you need to create your own vector graphics and illustrations.

The Artboard Manifesto

Simple. Powerful. Fun.

Artboard is simple to use to get you going fast, yet powerful enough to meet your everyday drawing needs.

Plays Nicely with Others

Copy & paste your graphics between popular productivity apps such as iWork™ Pages, Numbers, and Keynote.


Artboard produces fully editable, smooth vector graphics with complete what–you–see–is–what–you–get (WYSIWYG) drawing. Get beautifully rendered text available with outline, mask, and text on path. Thanks to Artboard’s swift object editing, you can move shapes, adjust curves, add text, rotate directly, and add or remove vertices along your paths with ease.


Artboard uses calibrated color throughout for repeatable results. Play with beautiful color combinations and gradients to create styles that let your masterpiece soar.

Graphics Drawing Software

Artboard is affordable vector-based drawing software that is simple to use to get you going fast, yet powerful enough to meet your everyday drawing needs. Artboard invites you to be creative.

Publication Quality Graphics

Build gorgeous graphics using the full power of Quartz imaging. Unlike raster-based paint programs, vector drawings are composed of editable stacked objects and are infinitely scalable. Learn more about vector drawing.

Styles & Clip Art

Artboard delivers with hundreds of awesome styles and editable clip art, including speech bubbles, shiny buttons, maps and flags, people factory, and home planning; plus a Library to store your own — all fully scalable vector graphics.

Powerful Stacked Styles

For those who don’t like to hold back, you have the creative license you deserve. Artboard’s powerful style generator and stacked styles go way beyond simple fill and stroke. With a striking choice of colors, gradients, fills, strokes, and more you can assemble unlimited style combinations.


Get started quickly with predesigned templates for greeting cards, posters, fliers, business cards, and standard paper layouts. There's more. Any drawing can be saved as a template.

Go On, Kick the Tires

Download Artboard and try it out before making your purchase — the free 30–day trial version includes all the functionality, minus export.


  • Over 20 tools for drawing lines, curves, shapes, text and navigating
  • Special shapes like stars, polygons, rounded rectangles, arcs and more
  • Set drawing size and units
  • Style & Clip Art palette
  • Style Inspector
  • Fonts palette
  • Colors palette
  • Image Browser, drag-and-drop support
  • Quickly convert objects to–and–from shape and path edit modes
  • Advanced Boolean operators to easily make complex objects (union, intersect, difference and append)
  • Rulers, guides, automatic graph paper
  • Layers, layer groups and layers management menu
  • Import .jpg, .bmp, .gif, .png, .tif, and .pdf image graphics (static image PDF); SVG 1.1
  • Export .tif, .jpg, .png supporting resolutions from 72 to 600–dpi and fully scalable .pdf (editable vector PDF)
  • Page and poster–tiled printing

Made for Mac
  • Native Cocoa application
  • Deep Mac OS X integration via technologies such as ColorSync, Quick Look, Spotlight, Apple Fonts palette, Apple Colors palette, and drag–and–drop

System Requirements
  • Mac OS X 10.7+ (Lion or later)
  • Core Image supported graphics card
  • 2 GHz Intel processor
  • Recommended
  • 2+ button scroll mouse
  • Facetime / iSight camera (required for Picture Taker feature)
  • Pen Tablet Support (optional)
  • Freedom to hand-draw — a simple, easy, and fun way to harness your creativity.
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