About Mapdiva

Mapdiva is dedicated to making intuitive software so you can focus your creative energy on content and design. Founded in 2008 by Graham Cox and Jill Saligoe-Simmel, Mapdiva, LLC develops powerfully easy vector illustration software. Our flagship product is Ortelius®, the vector-based mapping software for Mac OS X. Artboard™ is our latest offering.

Graham Cox is our lead developer and all around Objective-C/Cocoa guru. Graham has developed several graphics-intensive applications, including Gradient Panel, used in other great graphics apps such as Pixelmator, and the open-source GCDrawKit on which Artboard and Ortelius are built – a complete vector drawing framework. Graham resides in Australia. more… www.apptree.net

Jill Saligoe-Simmel, Ph.D. is a professional geographer who leads Mapdiva’s content, education, and business development. She has worked on dozens projects with not-for-profit groups, local, state and federal governments, private sector, and universities to support their mapping objectives. Jill resides in the U.S. morewww.drjill.net / LinkedIn profile

Life is a journey. Ours started with a need for good map design software and a crazy notion of forming a business that spans the globe. As we expand our offerings the journey continues; who knows where it will take us next!

The Mapdiva Manifesto: Simple. Powerful. Fun.

Are you frustrated by bloated software that cost hundreds of dollars and take weeks or months to learn? We were too.

Mapdiva is about is enabling your creativity without breaking the bank. It is about keeping drawing as simple and direct as possible so you can focus your creative energy on content and design. It’s about always asking “how could we do that better/simpler/more direct?“ It’s about doing the expected so the app works like you expect it to — and the unexpected to surprise and delight.

Where we are

Our corporate office:

Mapdiva, LLC
8932 Nora Woods Dr.
Indianapolis, IN 46240 USA

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