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The NATO Equipment Map Symbol Collection is comprised of 93 different scaleable vector graphics, including silhouette icons of artillery, explosive devices, helicopters, equipment, personal weapons. soldiers, tanks and vehicles. It has NATO equipment, as well as some non-NATO items. This symbol collection is ideal for military history mapping projects and wargaming maps.

The NATO Equipment Map Symbol Collection for Ortelius map illustration software is created with MilPics pictorial fonts series developed by Tom Mouat (copyright 1988) MapSymbs and distributed with permission. If you are interested, a registered True Type Fonts version is available from Wargame Downloads.

Installation Instructions

Download & unzip the file as necessary, then choose “Import Collection” from the Library Manager – Action Menu. The collection will be imported into My Library and displayed. For use with Ortelius 1.1 and later.

Terms of Use

The NATO Equipment Map Symbol Collection is developed from Shareware fonts and distributed under the copyright holder’s original distribution terms, available from

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